This Article is From Apr 30, 2018

Bengaluru Cop Throws Shoe At Bikers For Not Wearing Helmets. Video Is Viral

The constable was suspended after the video went viral, a report said

Bengaluru Cop Throws Shoe At Bikers For Not Wearing Helmets. Video Is Viral

The cop was caught on camera in a video uploaded by YouTuber Rishabh Chatterjee

New Delhi: A Bengaluru traffic constable has been suspended after he was caught on camera throwing a shoe at two bikers for not wearing a helmet. The constable in question was captured on camera in a video uploaded by a Bengaluru-based YouTuber which went viral.

The video, uploaded on YouTube last Wednesday, shows two traffic police officials waiting on the side of the road. When they spot two bikers passing by without wearing helmets, one of the cops is seen taking off his shoe and aiming at the errant riders. The men try to duck but the shoe hits one of them anyway. They drive away soon after.

The video was uploaded by Bengaluru-based YouTube Rishabh Chatterjee who was driving behind the bikers. According to Mr Chatterjee, who shot it as part of a video blog on Bengaluru roads, the incident happened on BEL road on February 20 this year.

Watch the video here:

(Jump to 6:50 to watch the constable)

On social media, while many noted that the two men on the bike were in clear violation of traffic rules, the cop's action also drew angry reactions for risking the young men's lives.

"I do love BTP for the great work they do. But this is absolute dangerous for both cop and rider.. Please share with BTP Fb.. Throwing things is no way to handle things.. They could have made a note of number plate and fined him instead," a user commented.

Another wrote, "Why he just can not stop him and ask to pay fine instead of taking law in his own hands and risk bikers life also."

"He didn't have rights to throw, he can note the number and send notice," a third commented.

The YouTuber too said the constable could have handled the situation better.

"The best way to deal with this situation would have been to take a picture and fine them. I have seen many cops in Bangalore have a digital camera with them to record anyone breaking any rules and with installation of cameras on many intersections it is easier to track the vehicle number," he told NDTV.

Taking cognisance of the viral video, police suspended the constable, reportedly attached to Jalahalli traffic police station. According to Deccan Chronicle, traffic police conducted a probe into the incident and suspended the traffic constable. The two students on the bike have not approached the police to file a complaint against the constable, the newspaper added.Click for more trending news