Australian Man Pulls Off Surprise Wedding Proposal With Help Of Metro Train Driver

Australian Man Pulls Off Surprise Wedding Proposal With Help Of Metro Train Driver

Australian man popped the question to his girlfriend in a packed train - with help from the train driver

Melbourne, Australia:  Couples that commute together, stay together. Remember that the next time you're grumbling about having to take public transportation. On Friday, 35-year-old Ryan Jacka popped the question to his girlfriend, 27-year-old Hannah Dittrich, in the middle of a packed metro train compartment in Melbourne, Australia. And he had a little help from the train driver. Why a train? Because that's exactly where they met 10 years ago. No wonder Hannah is calling it the "best train ride ever." The proposal was captured on camera by commuters and posted online by Metro Train's official Twitter handle.

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In the first video posted on Twitter, the train driver can be heard speaking over the intercom as Ryan reads a book and Hannah sits with her eyes closed in the seat next to him. "A special announcement: this mostly concerns passengers in the middle of the train - specifically carriage four," the train driver says. Ryan looks nervous, while Hannah mostly ignores the announcement at first.

"We have two of our regular commuters with us today, Hannah and Ryan. They met on the train about 10 years ago, they have been madly in love ever since - and today, Ryan has a special question he'd like to ask Hannah."

That's when Ryan drops down to his knees.
"We first met on the train almost 10 years ago. I thought 'what a fitting place to pop the question'," Ryan tells Australian radio station 3AW. "She had no idea it was coming - we were just on our way to work and the train was pretty packed. I think they were stunned. It's not the usual thing you see on your way to work on a Friday morning."
After the proposal, the happy couple decided to skip work and took the train right back home to celebrate.
"It took guts! It would be hard to pop the question in front of 400 people," says Shane Luder, one of the commuters who witnessed the proposal. "It's not something you see every day and something I will probably never see again on a train."

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