This Article is From May 05, 2021

"Are The Bidens Giants?": This Joe Biden-Jimmy Carter Pic Has People Baffled

A photograph from Joe Biden's meeting with the Carters has gone viral.

'Are The Bidens Giants?': This Joe Biden-Jimmy Carter Pic Has People Baffled

Joe and Jill Biden met the Carters on Thursday.

Are the Bidens suddenly very big? Or have the Carters shrunk? These are the questions that Twitter is asking after a photo that shows US President Joe Biden and wife Jill dwarfing former president Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter went viral on social media. 

Joe Biden met with longtime ally and Democratic icon Jimmy Carter on Thursday. Mr Biden, accompanied by first lady Jill Biden, held a private meeting with the 39th president and his wife Rosalynn in their tiny hometown of Plains, Georgia, reports news agency AFP.

But a photo from the meeting, released by the Carter Center on Monday, had many doing a double take. The photograph shows the Carters sitting in armchairs, with the Bidens kneeling next to them. However, the Bidens appear to be much taller than the Carters

Since being posted yesterday, the picture has gone viral with over 77,000 'likes' and thousands of puzzled comments.

"Am I the only one who thinks this looks like a tiny doll museum, and Joe and Jill are giants?" asked one Twitter user.

"It is a nice photo, but it looks very bizarre. How did that happen?" another remarked.

Take a look at some of the other amused reactions that the optical illusion has racked up:

The weird proportions in the now-viral pic were most likely caused by a wide-angle lens that distorted the subject sizee. According to PetaPixel, Joe and Jill Biden were closer to the camera than Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, and because of how wide angle the shot was, they appear much bigger than they actually are. 

At age 96, Jimmy Carter is the longest-living president in American history, while Biden at 78 is the oldest to take the position.

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