This Article is From Sep 28, 2022

"24-Hour Daylight And Snipers": Iceland Makes A Pitch To Host India Vs Pakistan Match

Iceland cricket made a hilarious jab at the ECB's intention to host a Test match between India and Pakistan in England.

'24-Hour Daylight And Snipers': Iceland Makes A Pitch To Host India Vs Pakistan Match

The last time India and Pakistan faced off in a Test match was 15 years ago.

The sheer intensity of an India vs Pakistan cricket match is unmatched. When this battle of the titans takes place there, any location transforms into a powerhouse. In the world of cricket, it is the one event that generates the most money and viewers. Who wouldn't want to be the host of an event that is so profitable in the world of sports?

The England and Wales Cricket Boards recently offered informally to host matches if India and Pakistan agreed to play a bilateral Test series, but BCCI sources said the chances of that happening in the near future are "next to nil."While the ECB has made the offer for its own commercial gains, the BCCI said that no such possibilities might arise, at least in the next few years.

The last Test match between the two nations was played 15 years ago, and it has been 10 since they last played a white-ball series.

The supporters have begun to look forward to India and Pakistan playing in another Test match after the news began to circulate on social media.

However, Iceland Cricket's official Twitter account responded with a somewhat hilarious interpretation of the request.

Iceland Cricket responded to England's proposal by making a counterproposal while making fun of the English weather, ECB's tweets, and security arrangements.

Iceland cricket wrote in its hilarious response to the proposal, "We hear @ECB_cricket have offered to host a Test series between India and Pakistan. We officially announce to @ICC that we are also offering to do the same & can provide near 24 hour daylight in June and July, as well as better Tweets covering the matches. Sniper security too."

However, since being shared on Twitter, the post has gone viral and received over 38,000 likes and 4,645 retweets.

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