School-going boys kill youth by drowning

School-going boys kill youth by drowning
Mumbai: Five school students, including four minors, have been arrested for allegedly murdering a 19-year-old youth by drowning him in a creek at suburban Gorai.
Following an altercation, the boys tied the victim to a tree so that he would go under water during high tide.
Danavendra Anand Rao alias Rahul (19) and his four minor friends - all are school students - were nabbed on Friday after the probe revealed their alleged involvement in the murder of one Naresh Desai (19) whose body was found in the creek on December 16.
According to the police, the accused were roasting a chicken over a bonfire in Charkop area the previous day when Desai, who was drunk, came up and asked them to fetch cigarettes for him.

"When they refused, he started abusing them and in a fit of rage, the five teenagers assaulted him till he fell unconscious," said Bharat Kumbhare, senior inspector at MHB police station.

Then, they took him to nearby creek where they tied him to a tree, causing him to drown during high tide, he said.

Locals found the body and informed the police, following which its photograph was circulated to all police stations.

A few days ago, the victim's sister came to the police station and identified the photograph.

During the probe, it was learnt that Desai had had an argument with the accused who were later picked up for questioning. They had confessed to the killing, the police said adding that further probe was on.