Man rapes an 18-month old baby

Man rapes an 18-month old baby
Mumbai: The Antop Hill police today arrested a 21-year old person for allegedly raping an 18-month toddler.
According to the police, the girl who stays in the slums near the Shaikh Mistry Dargah at Antop Hill, with her parents, was playing outside her house. Seeing that the girl was all alone the accused Aroz Shaikh, a carpenter, allegedly lured her with chocolates and took her to his house.
Not seeing her daughter for a long time, the victim's mother raised an alarm and along with her neighbours started searching for her in the area.
However when the victim's neighbours went near Shaikh's house, they heard cries of a baby from the house and when they broke open the door, they found the girl lying without any clothes on her and was crying.
The police later arrested Shaikh for rape after neighbours informed them about the incident.
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