Caught On Camera: Cop Slaps Ex-Armyman In Bank Queue In Karnataka

Policeman on duty slapped a retired serviceman who was standing in a bank queue.

Bagalkot, Karnataka: As the bank gates open and dozens try to rush inside, a policeman on duty loses his cool. He pushes back the first man in his way - a retired serviceman - and slaps him repeatedly. The entire act, outside a bank in Karnataka's Baglakot district, is caught on camera.

The video, released by news agency ANI, shows 55-year-old Nandappa standing in the queue along with many others, waiting to withdraw money. Within seconds, as the doors open, the cop manning it gets extremely aggressive and slaps Mr Nandappa at least five times.

He retreats for a second, but returns to threaten the former serviceman.

Others look, but don't intervene.

ANI reports the policeman has now been suspended.

Watch the video: