This Article is From Oct 04, 2018

BSP Lawmaker In Karnataka Hits Out At Government Over Caste Inequality

N Mahesh holds primary and secondary education portfolio in the Karnataka cabinet.

BSP Lawmaker In Karnataka Hits Out At Government Over Caste Inequality

Lone BSP minister in Karnataka N Mahesh alleged the governments existence was based on caste system.


Lone Bahujan Samaj Party minister in Karnataka N Mahesh on Thursday, hit out at ruling coalition partners Congress and JD(S), alleging that their existence is based on caste system and inequality.

Mr Mahesh, who holds primary and secondary education portfolio, held Congress, BJP and JD(S) responsible for economic and social inequality in the country and projected BSP as the champion for the cause of the oppressed.

"I'm saying this openly, whether it is Congress or BJP or Janata Dal, their workers will not understand the ideology that I'm speaking about.  They don't need it because until there is this caste system and inequality- Congress, BJP and Janata Dal will continue to exist," Mr Mahesh said.

Addressing a BSP event at Chamarajanagar, he said "The day the caste system and inequality is eradicated, that day Bahujan Samaj Party, the party of Basavanna (12th century social reformer) will come to power."

BSP had contested the May assembly polls in alliance with the JD(S). When the Congress-JD(S) coalition government was formed after the assembly polls threw up a hung verdict,

Mr Mahesh, the lone BSP MLA who got elected from Kollegal constituency in Chamarajanagar district, was inducted into the ministry. BSP had a pre-poll alliance with JDS.

 If Congress party had the "true intentions" to eradicate social and economic inequality, by now everyone would have lived with equality, Mr Mahesh said, as he pointed the country was ruled by Congress for the longest time.

"As they did not do it, today Bahujan Samaj Party has come into existence," he said.
He accused BJP too of not doing enough to get rid of social and economic inequality.

"Many smaller parties like Samajwadi party, Janata Daland other regional parties also could not ensure social and economic equality," he added.