BJP Leader Weeps At Not Making Candidates' List, Meltdown On Camera

BJP yesterday released second list of the candidates for the upcoming Karnataka elections in which Shashil G Namoshi's name was missing.


Shashil Namoshi had expected to be fielded by the BJP in the Gulberga constituency.

New Delhi:  In Karnataka, it is the season of heartbreaks for many politicians as parties pick their candidates. One BJP politician breaks down and sobs in the middle of his press conference in a video clip that is being widely shared on social media. Shashil G Namoshi, a former lawmaker, was reduced to tears when he couldn't find his name on the BJP's second list.

Mr Namoshi had expected to be fielded by the BJP in the Gulberga constituency. When the list was announced on Monday evening, however, his name was missing. Instead, the party has chosen CB Patil.

His meltdown was captured by many cameras.

In the short clip, the politician tries to say something and then visibly crumples. He is seen keening, his hands covering his face, his supporters trying to soothe him. Even reporters try to calm him down, but he is hysterical.

Mr Namoshi was deputy mayor of Kalaburagi, which used to be known as Gulbarga. He was a member of the Legislative Council for 12 years.

He had contested the 2013 Karnataka election from Gulbarga Dakshin as a Janata Dal (Secular) candidate.

According to his supporters, he had been expecting to be named the party's candidate in one of the two seats in Gulbarga. In the first list, the BJP named Dattatreya Patil Revur for Gulbarga Dakshin. Yesterday, Mr Namoshi's final hope was gone when someone else was chosen for Gulbarga Uttar.

Also yesterday, Congress workers went on the rampage in a party office at being denied tickets to contest the polls.

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