60 Per Cent of Indians in Kuwait Jailed Over Drugs Cases

60 Per Cent of Indians in Kuwait Jailed Over Drugs Cases

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Dubai: There has been an increase in the arrest of Indians in cases of alleged possession of drugs and narcotics in Kuwait, with more than 60 per cent kept in Central jail, according to an official statement.
"More than 60 per cent of total Indian nationals under detention and serving sentences in Central jail of Kuwait are in cases relating to drugs and narcotics. Anyone caught with drugs in Kuwait has to abide by the legal system of the country and the role of Embassy is restricted to minimum," according to a statement from the Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

"The punishment under the Kuwaiti laws for violation of drug related crimes are often very severe and may lead to life imprisonment or even execution. Moreover, in Kuwait a person is considered guilty until he/she is proven innocent and that the person knew nothing about the drugs makes it often very difficult to prove," it added.
"Bail in such cases is usually not given and one has to spend several months in detention while the case progresses through the judicial system," the statement said.

There is more than 8 lakh Indians residing in Kuwait, according to a data from the Indian Embassy.
The Embassy has requested Indians to strictly obey the rules and regulations regarding the laws about drugs in Kuwait. It also asked travellers to remain attentive so that drug dealers might not hide drugs in others luggage at the airport.

It has also asked Indians to specially be cautious about club drugs, illegal substance and designer drugs such as antidepressants, barbiturates, cannabis, hallucinogens, inhalants, and narcotics such as marijuana, morphine, cocaine, heroin, dry ice, LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), and amphetamines (speed).

The guidelines also asked travellers to always get the luggage sealed at the airport and never leave it unattended.

Most importantly, it has asked travellers, never take a parcel for another person without checking what is inside.
"One should strictly avoid accepting any such packet or gift from strangers at airport or with a person you develop friendship during travel. These things may contain narcotics or prohibited medicines which would result in arrest and punishment in Kuwait," the Embassy said.