Vijay Mallya Gets Bail Within Hours Of Arrest, Extradition May Take Time: 10 Points

Vijay Mallya Gets Bail Within Hours Of Arrest, Extradition May Take Time: 10 Points

Amid multiple attempts to extradite him, Vijay Mallya was seen at various events in the UK.

New Delhi: Vijay Mallya was granted bail three hours after he was arrested in London today following India's extradition request. Mr Mallya was produced at the Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, which granted him bail after a 10-minute hearing. The business tycoon, who has been staying in London for a year now, is accused of defaulting on loans worth thousands of crores, and facing charges of money laundering. "Vijay Mallya was arrested on behalf of the Indian authorities in relation to accusations of fraud. He was arrested after attending a central London police station..." Scotland Yard said in a statement. The extradition hearings in UK courts may take time before he is extradited to India.

Here are 10 points leading up to Vijay Mallya's arrest in London:

  1. Scotland Yard today announced Mr Mallya's arrest after he was asked to meet officers at central London police station. He later got bail. 

  2. In February this year, Indian government had formally requested the UK to extradite him. The UK Secretary of State sent the request to Westminster Magistrate's Court.

  3. In November last year, the court ordered seizure of domestic assets of Mr Mallya and entities controlled by him. In June, the court issued 'proclamation order' asking Mr Mallya to appear before it. 

  4. A month before that the UK government made note of serious allegations against Mr Mallya and suggested the request be made under Extradition Treaty (Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty).

  5. The UK government declined India's request for deportation, saying no requirement of valid passport to remain in the country as long as entry was made on a valid one.  

  6. India had made a formal request to UK to deport Mr Mallya in April 2016. His passport revoked on ED's request.

  7. The Enforcement Directorate issued several summons to Mr Mallya to appear before it. Non-bailable warrant issued by designated courts.

  8. State Bank of India and other banks move application in Supreme Court to impound Mr Mallya's passport in March 2016. He fled India, leaving behind Rs 8,191 of debts to 17 banks.

  9. The Enforcement Directorate initiated investigation under Prevention of Money Laundering Act based on probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) which initiated criminal investigations against Mr Mallya in July 2015.

  10. In November 2015, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley declared that the airline has a debt of Rs 9,091 crore. The same year in April, Mumbai International Airport Private Limited sold Mr Mallya's personal aircraft to recover funds for Rs 22 lakh. 

(With inputs from IANS)

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