This Article is From Oct 28, 2022

Video: UP Nurse Grabs Woman Patient By Her Hair, Pins Her Down

Refuting charges of ill-treatment, a doctor at Sitapur District Hospital said the woman had to be restrained before an injection could be administered.

Viral video clip shows the nurse grabbing the woman patient by her hair


A woman patient at a district hospital in Uttar Pradesh was grabbed by her hair by a nurse and pinned down onto the bed after she allegedly became violent. After a video clip of the incident went viral on social media, hospital authorities defended the nurse's action, claiming that the patient was not subjected to any kind of ill-treatment.

The video clip shows a commotion inside the female ward of Sitapur District Hospital. The nurse can be seen grabbing a woman by her hair and pushing her towards a vacant bed. While still grabbing her hair, the nurse then pushes the woman onto the bed and pins her down, with assistance from a man who can be seen standing on the other side of the bed.

Reacting to the viral video clip, Dr RK Singh, Sitapur's Chief Medical Officer, said that the woman patient was admitted on October 18. The following night, after her family members left the hospital, the woman went near the washroom between 12 and 1 am and suddenly started behaving violently.

"She started breaking her bangles and tearing off her clothes. This triggered panic among the other female patients at the ward and the hospital staff had to intervene to restrain her," Dr Singh claimed.

"The nurse on duty at the ward informed the police and nurses from the other wards rushed in to help," he added.

Refuting all charges of misbehaviour or ill-treatment by the nurse, Dr Singh further said that the woman patient had to be restrained and pinned to the bed before an injection could be administered. "Only after that, she calmed down and was later discharged from the hospital when her family members arrived," he said.