Here's Why Varun Gandhi Tweeted, "Congratulations, Ma"

Varun Gandhi congratulated his mother and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi for winning the Peter Singer Prize. The Prize is given for contribution towards animal rights and welfare

Here's Why Varun Gandhi Tweeted, 'Congratulations, Ma'

Maneka Gandhi has awarded the Peter Singer Prize

New Delhi:

Varun Gandhi congratulated his mother Maneka Gandhi on Twitter for winning the Peter Singer Prize. The BJP parliamentarian, representing Pilibhit, took to Twitter on Monday and wrote: ''For somebody whose entire lifetime has been spent in the service of animal welfare, and for whom the cause of animal rights has taken precedence over everything else, I can't think of a better recipient of the prestigious Peter Singer Prize. Congratulations, Ma".  

The Peter Singer Prize is awarded for contribution towards reducing the suffering of animals. The website announcing the awards, said Maneka Gandhi is the winner of the 6th and Richard Ryder the winner of the 7th Peter Singer Prize for ''Strategies to Reduce the Suffering of Animals.''

Peter Singer is a well-known animal rights activist and a pholosopher. He is seen as a pioneer of the animal rights movement. Peter Singer's book, Animal Liberation, published in 1975, is considered a classic in the modern animal rights movement. It has been translated into more than 20 languages across the world.

In April, Maneka Gandhi announced the Ahimsa Fellowship, "India's first ever fellowship programme on animal welfare." The Lok Sabha MP from Sultanpur is a an environmentalist, animal rights activist and founder of ''People for Animals''.