Varnika Kundu's Father Has Some Advice For Haryana BJP Chief

IAS officer Virender Kundu, whose daughter Varnika Kundu was chased after midnight by Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala's son and his friend, said he is confident of getting justice


Varnika Kundu and her father Virender Kundu have said they want justice (PTI)

New Delhi: 


  1. Varnika Kundu's father replied to BJP leader's "like his daughter" remark
  2. He said if Haryana BJP chief says so, then should act like her father too
  3. BJP leader's son is charged with attempting to kidnap Varnika, arrested
A day after Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala said the daughter of a bureaucrat in Chandigarh who has accused his son of stalking her was "like my daughter" and assured no interference in the police probe, the woman's father said he expects the BJP leader to behave like the person he claims to be - a father.

"There is a saying in Haryanvi that beti sabki saanjhi hoti hai (taking care of daughters is everyone's responsibility). But if he feels like he is her father, he ought to behave like her father as well," IAS officer Virender Kundu, whose daughter Varnika Kundu had posted on Facebook a harrowing account of the post-midnight car chase, told NDTV.

Vikas Barala, the son of the Haryana BJP chief, was arrested today after being charged with trying to kidnap Ms Kundu.

The bureaucrat has denied any pressure on him which may weaken the case, especially over the Haryana BJP chief reportedly trying to reach the IAS officer on phone while he was at the police station. "I will only comment on that once I have my call records before me. I can talk about it later," the woman's father told NDTV.

Vikas' arrest on Wednesday has taken some heat off the police, who have been accused of trying to dilute the case under pressure from the state's ruling BJP. "I saw they were covering their faces, and here's my daughter who is without a cover on national television. This is the spirit, and this is the reversal," the IAS officer said.

CCTV footage of a white SUV racing behind Ms Kundu's car had confirmed her account of being chased on the streets of Chandigarh.

Vikas and his friend had refused to give their blood and urine samples the night they were arrested. Sources in the home ministry say when they refused to go to a hospital for tests, a doctor was called to examine them and he noted that they reeked of alcohol.

Mr Kundu said it is up to the police how to go about tackling the medical examination angle, adding "it is up to the police to do things lawfully".

On Tuesday, Subhash Barala had told reporters there was no pressure on the police to go easy on his son. "Varnika is like my daughter. To get her justice, whatever action is to be taken according to the rules against Vikas and Ashish should be taken," the BJP leader had told reporters.

The senior bureaucrat posted on Facebook that "...In a cut and dried case like this, where there is nothing hazy or unclear in terms of actions or identities, if the system fails to deliver justice, then there is something deeply rotten in our society, our government and our country."

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