This Article is From Apr 03, 2014

Tarun Tejpal's daughter joins Twitter war over alleged rape case

Tehelka's Tarun Tejpal, in jail on charges of raping a younger colleague

New Delhi: Tehelka founder Tarun Tejpal, who is in jail, is at the center of a war on social media over CCTV footage from a five-star hotel in Goa where he allegedly raped a younger colleague last year.

Mr Tejpal's defenders say the footage contradicts the young woman's version of what happened inside an elevator on two nights in November last. (Tarun Tejpal's family showing CCTV footage to everybody: Prosecution)

In a series of tweets, Mr Tejpal's older daughter Tiya today hit out at journalists who have complained to the Press Council of India alleging a campaign to malign the woman based on footage that they say can't legally be shown to anybody but the defence and prosecution.

In their cross-hairs is filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and journalists Seema Mustafa and Manu Joseph, who have highlighted alleged discrepancies based on the footage from a camera outside the hotel elevator. There was no camera inside it. (Anurag Kashyap bats for Tarun Tejpal)

"Usne such bola toh WOH BHI rapist. wow! Discrediting @seemamustafa or manu joseph or anurag kashyap or anyone who has an opinion is the going strategy apparently," tweeted Tiya Tejpal. The 26-year-old was a close friend of the woman who has alleged rape.

Earlier today, Anurag Kashyap controversially posted on social networking site Facebook, "I have seen the CCTV footage too and none of what the girl says about Tarun Tejpal is true."

He referenced Manu Joseph's cover story in the latest issue of Outlook newsmagazine giving a detailed analysis of the footage and comparing it to the woman's story. "Nothing in the young woman's body language indicates sexually potent conversation...They are not walking hand in hand, rather Tejpal is leading her and she is following him," says the article.

A court has rejected the CCTV footage as evidence that could help Mr Tejpal, who has been in jail since December. (Read

On March 14, the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court, rejecting Mr Tejpal's plea for bail, said, "Suffice it to say that the CCTV footage, prima facie, does not help the applicant to prove his innocence, since it did not cover the incident inside the lift..."