This Article is From Jul 10, 2022

Swiggy's Hunt For Mumbai Horse Rider Ends, But It Is Not Who You Think

Swiggy posted a 'Letter of Declaration' on Twitter and answered questions related to the individual, the horse and the bag.

Swiggy's Hunt For Mumbai Horse Rider Ends, But It Is Not Who You Think

Swiggy said the boy had borrowed the bag that was seen in the video.

New Delhi:

A few days ago a video of a young man went viral on social media where he was seen with a Swiggy bag riding a white horse amidst heavy rain in Mumbai. The food delivery company announced a reward for anyone with information on him. Finally, Swiggy has been able to trace the "unique delivery guy" who went viral.

Swiggy posted a 'Letter of Declaration' on Twitter, answering questions related to the man that "might appear next on KBC."

"We have news about the horse, the young man and the now famous video. Both man and animal have been identified," Swiggy wrote.

According to the release, the young horse rider is a 17-year-old boy named Sushant, who to everyone's surprise is not a Swiggy delivery executive but a "typical teenager" who "borrows things and forgets to return them". In this case, what he borrowed was a Swiggy delivery bag.

Sushant is currently working as a horse couturier, i.e. he is responsible for dressing horses that are used for wedding processions.

Swiggy also answered the question about what was in the bag. The company said the boy was carrying an embroidered drape and accessories that are usually put on horses in wedding processions.

To trace the teenager, the food delivery app had placed a "bounty" of Rs 5,000, asking for details on the individual. Now they have announced that a young man named Avi and his friend shot the viral video from their car and claimed the "bounty". The food delivery giant added that Sushant, whose phone was broken, got a new smartphone.

Swiggy ended the mystery of whether he was riding 'Toofan' or a 'Bijli', and said, "Neither. before you jump to any gender fluid conclusions about the animal, we'd like to confirm the horse's name is Shiva."