Supply Short Of Demand, Karnataka To Float Global Tenders For Covid Vaccines

Karnataka: The 18-44 years age group now has limited options to get the shots in the state

Supply Short Of Demand, Karnataka To  Float Global Tenders For Covid Vaccines

Deputy CM Dr Ashwath Narayan said the tender process will be completed in a week (File)


The Karnataka government has decided to float global tenders for the supply of Covid vaccines instead of just waiting for supplies from the centre.

The vaccine supply has not been able to meet the demand in the state, with the 18-44 years age group having limited options to get the shots as preference is given to those over 45.

Deputy Chief Minister Dr Ashwath Narayan on Tuesday chaired a meeting on Covid-related issues where it was decided that in order to meet the increased demand and to facilitate vaccination of the 18-44 years age group, 2 crore Covid vaccines would be procured through global tender.

In addition to this, orders have been placed for 3 crore vaccine shots, including 1 crore shots of Covaxin and 2 crore of Covishield.

The meeting was attended by senior officials from departments concerned.

Dr Ashwath Narayan told reporters, "Till now, we had depended only on vaccines supplied by the central government and it was not procured from the open market by floating tender. Now, it has been instructed to float the tender and to complete the process within 7 days."

In a Twitter post, the Deputy Chief Minister said, "Further, we have taken following decisions. 1 lakh pulse oximeters will be procured and distributed to all the districts and taluks. 10 lakhs additional #Ivermectin is procured, and the supply will begin on May 14."

He also said triaging would be made mandatory to avoid unnecessary occupancy of beds.

The Deputy Chief Minister requested city residents not to go to villages to receive their vaccine shots and wait for their turn.