This Article is From Sep 14, 2016

Singed Over Biryani Crackdown, Mewat Celebrates Eid With Rotis

Mumtaz Begum cooked lamb curry and rotis for her large family.

Mewat: One of the most backward regions of Haryana - is celebrating Eid without biryani, following last week's crackdown on biryani shops after allegations of beef usage. But many panic-stricken locals have not dared to cook biryani even at home. 

In Tauru area of Mewat, Mumtaz Begum has cooked lamb curry for her large family. The family - which roughly earns 2000 a day between 4 brothers saves up through the year to celebrate on Eid. But children, who had been looking forward to the traditional biryani, but they have to forego it this year.

Mumtaz said she dared not cook biryani this year - the menu will be simple rotis, lamb curry and kheer.

"In their hearts, everyone fears something may happen. They are worried that police may come and harass them. But we say let the police come and check," said Mohammad Riaz.

Asked why he has kept the skin of a goat that was offered as sacrifice on Eid, Mousin Mohammad told NDTV, "In case someone comes, they can at least check."

Last month, following a complaint by the Gau Sewa Ayog -- set up recently by the state government to prevent cow slaughter - the police had collected 7 biryani samples from the eateries along the Mewat highway. 

While a state government laboratory has claimed the samples contained beef, the police say they are yet to receive a report.

As all the shops closed, the vendors face an uncertain future in a region that has no factories and few jobs.