This Article is From Aug 26, 2016

Sena Snipes At BJP Again, Likens State Anti-Terror Law To Emergency

Sena Snipes At BJP Again, Likens State Anti-Terror Law To Emergency

Shiv Sena has targeted CM Fadnavis again, likening his anti-terror law to the Emergency.

Mumbai: BJP Maharashtra ally, the Shiv Sena today took another swipe at the Fadnavis government, calling its proposed internal security law a "jolt to democracy." The Sena also accused the state government of trying to impose a 1975 Emergency like situation in Maharashtra.

"If the government, in the name of 'internal security' is trying to impose Emergency in the state, its attempt has to be opposed. This law is worse than the Emergency of 1975 which Indira Gandhi imposed," the Sena said in an editorial in its mouthpiece 'Saamna.'

The editorial goes on to say that "those in power today (the BJP) had levelled various allegations against the hen government although there were no complaints to prove that the common man faced any hardships."

The Shiv Sena is part of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis' coalition government. But this has not prevented it from being one of Mr Fadnavis' harshest critics. It has regularly targeted the government through its mouthpiece, the 'Saamna' and remains opposed to the chief minister's pet project, the Maharashtra Protection of Internal Security Act.

The proposed law would be the first such state-level law for internal security which will give unprecedented power to the police to investigate suspected terror plots. It also proposes special security zones where movement of arms, explosives and flow of unaccounted funds will be prohibited.

"This is an attempt to kill the freedom of people and a jolt to democracy. What has suddenly happened in the state that has threatened internal security? If Emergency has to be imposed, do it in Kashmir, or in Gujarat, where journalists are being killed and atrocities taking place on Dalits," the Sena said.

According to the Sena the proposed law gives unbridled powers to the police to clamp down on persons taking part in public functions.

"Tomorrow if Amitabh Bachchan is being followed by 100 fans or if you see more than a 100 enthusiastic people outside the Sena office, will you put then all behind bars?" the Sena.