This Article is From Jul 28, 2011

Reddy brothers indicate their exit is imminent

Bangalore: Now that BS Yeddyurappa has said he will quit as Chief Minister of Karnataka, the Reddy brothers who are ministers in his government have indicated that they will follow suit.

Janardhana Reddy, who is Karnataka's Tourism Minister, said the question of his resignation does not arise as the entire Cabinet 'goes' once the Chief Minister quits.

"When the Chief Minister has given the resignation, it means the entire Cabinet will automatically go away. So there is no question of this thing... party leaders will take the decision and we'll respect it," he added.

Mr Yeddyurappa, Janardhana and Karunakara Reddy are among the politicians indicted for corruption and illegal mining in an explosive report presented yesterday by Santosh Hegde, the ombudsman or Lokayukta of Karnataka.

Mr Hegde has said that the Reddys wrongly stated that they do not have mining interests in Karnataka and operate only from Andhra Pradesh.

"Without having any the report in my hand, I don't want to comment anything," said Janardhan Reddy.

Mr Reddy said he would address the media in a day or two and give "all clarifications" and respond "point-by-point" the issues raised in the report.