"People Will Be Proud If I...": Rajnath Singh On India-China Border Talks

In an exclusive interview with NDTV, Rajnath Singh said his party has never questioned the courage and bravery of the country's soldiers.

New Delhi:

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has snubbed Opposition charges over alleged Chinese intrusions with an assertion that no one can occupy even an inch of land in the country.

In an exclusive interview with NDTV, he also said that his party has never questioned the courage and bravery of the country's soldiers.

"As the Defence Minister, I want to assure the citizens that no one can capture even one inch of land of the country," he asserted as the Opposition continued to press the government over alleged incursions. On multiple instances earlier, the government had denied Opposition claims that China had taken away India's land. 

India and China witnessed a border standoff in 2020 as the soldiers of the two countries clashed near the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh.

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Mr Singh said that the two countries are now holding commander-level talks to solve the border dispute, the details of which cannot be revealed at this stage. But, if it's discussed, it will make the people proud, he said.

"Commander-level talks are being held currently between India and China in a good atmosphere and I think we must wait for the results. But if I start discussing what's at which point, people will feel proud. But I don't want to reveal the details right now because talks are underway between the two countries," said the Defence Minister.

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Tensions between the two countries had spiralled again in December 2022 when another clash erupted along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh's Tawang sector, with the government accusing China of trying to "unilaterally" change the status quo along the LAC.

China claims Arunachal Pradesh to be a part of Tibet, which India has rejected multiple times in the past. India maintains Arunachal is an integral part of the country.