This Article is From Feb 08, 2023

Valentine's Week: 10 Creative Ideas For Proposal Day

10 ways to propose to your partner.

Valentine's Week: 10 Creative Ideas For Proposal Day

The season of love is here. Yes, we are talking about the most-awaited time of the year – Valentine's Week. Most of us try to come up with innovative ideas to make the day a special one for our loved ones. From getting chocolates to planning surprises, people make it a point to go out of the way and do something unique. After all, each day is important, starting from February 7, which is Rose Day. 

Well, we are here to talk about the second day of the week – Propose Day. So are you planning to go down on one knee? If you are running short on ideas, we are here to help you. We have made a list of creative proposal ideas. Take a look:

1.Furry Friend 

If you are a pet parent, you can take the help of your furry friend to propose to the love of your life. Tie the ring to your pet's collar with the message - “Will you marry me?” or “Would you be my girlfriend”. Good luck!

2.Hide The Ring With A Gift

Take your partner out for a dinner date and hide the ring in a gift. You can gift your partner an outfit and place the ring on it. 

3. Glow-In-The-Dark Stickers

Remember those glowing stars that we used as a child? Spell out “will you marry me?” or “would you be my girlfriend/boyfriend” on your ceiling or a wall. Take your significant other into the room, turn out the lights, and make them look up. 

4.Customised Gifts 

Customised gifts hold a special place in our hearts. From clothes, mugs, and pillows to lamps, you can get your proposal message engraved. Accompany it with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates. 

5.Poster Board 

Grab some poster board and write the message. Make sure you give a build-up before popping out the million-dollar question. 

6.Breakfast in bed 

If you were hoping to present your partner with a ring over coffee and croissants, this Valentine, go for breakfast in bed. Decorate a tray with flowers and some lip-smacking cereal bowls for a memorable morning.

7.Use Children or Co-Workers 

Sending thoughtful messages or red roses via a group of children or their colleagues. One by one they will make your partner feel special. In the end, turn up with your proposal and a special gift. 

8.Sweet Treats 

Gift your partner a box of cupcakes or doughnuts and put the ring inside it. 

9. Surprise With Pictures 

Decorate your house with a bunch of helium balloons with photographs of your partner. Wait for the right moment and surprise him/her with your proposal. 

10. A Date Night 

To pull off this surprise, you will have to plan it with the restaurant staff. As soon as you finish your dinner, make sure the waiter comes in with a sweet dish along with the proposal message written with chocolate sauce and a ring.