Top Quotes From S Jaishankar-US's Antony Blinken's Press Conference

Top Quotes From S Jaishankar-US's Antony Blinken's Press Conference
India which has conveyed to Russia that this is "not an era of war" today told the US that "the price of oil is breaking our back". External Affairs Minister S Jaishakar today conveyed the rising cost of energy concerns to his US counterpart.

Here are the top quotes of S Jaishankar:

  1. Look, we have concerns about the price of oil but we are a USD 2,000 per capita economy. When the price of oil is breaking our back and it's our big concern.

  2. "Right now there are some issues. You have to understand that in the last few months the energy markets are already under very great stress. Countries in the global south have found it difficult to compete for limited energy, not just in terms of escalating pricing but often in terms of availability.

  3. Our concern right now is that energy markets already under stress must soften up. We would judge any situation frankly by how it affects us and other countries in the global south. There is a very deep concern among developing countries about how their energy security needs are addressed or not.

  4. India, US have strong interest in encouraging more resilient and reliable supply chains.

  5. We must counter radicalisation, extremism and fundamentalism. We discussed working together in plurilateral and multilateral formats.

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