"Today's Youth Don't Approve Of Casteism, Nepotism": PM On Mann Ki Baat

Mann ki Baat Today: Mann Ki Baat is aired every last Sunday of the month and the Prime Minister invites suggestions, stories and ideas from people.

'Today's Youth Don't Approve Of Casteism, Nepotism': PM On Mann Ki Baat

The final Mann Ki Baat of 2019 will be held today, PM Modi tweeted.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the 60th edition of his radio programme "Mann Ki Baat", and the last for 2019. The monthly radio programme is broadcast on All India Radio, Doordarshan and the Narendra Modi app. He spoke about a host of issues, from the youths' aspirations to skill development programmes and other initiatives. Mann Ki Baat is aired every last Sunday of the month and the Prime Minister invites suggestions, stories and ideas from people.

Here are the highlights of 60th Edition Of Mann Ki Baat

  • PM Modi begun his speech by extending New Year greetings to the countrymen. He said, "In a matter of just three days, not only will 2019 wave goodbye to us, we shall usher our selves into a new year and a new decade, the third decade of 21st Century."
  • "Today's youth don't approve of casteism, nepotism and discrimination."
  • "Today, India has many expectations from young people. They will take the nation to great heights."
  • Young people are filled with energy and dynamism and have the power to bring change. This decade will be the decade of young people. This generation plays a big role in developing the country.
  • One thing certain about the decade to come is, it will witness the active contribution of those who were born in 21st century, in the country's progress; these are people who are growing up, understanding the significant issues pertaining to this century.
  • Young people are known by myriad terms, "For some they are millennials; others call them generation Z to Gen Zee too, and broadly speaking, one thing that has captured the collective psyche is that this is the 'Social Media Generation'. All of us experience that this generation is extremely talented.
  • Can we resolve to buy products made in India for two-three years, at least till 2022 on the 75th year since Independence? It is important to become self-dependent.
  • The skill development and employment programme Himayat in Jammu and Kashmir help people who couldn't complete school or college or had to leave. I am happy to know that in the last two years 18,000 people were trained in 77 skill sets under Himayat. At least 5,000 are working somewhere, and many have moved to self-employment. Their stories have touched my heart.
  • Women have risen from poverty with resolve and determination. In UP's Phulpur, women learnt how to make footwear and with this effort, they not only removed the thorns which hurt their feet but became self-dependent to support their families.
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