''Satyamev Jayate'': Parth Pawar After Court Order In Sushant Rajput Case

The demand for a CBI investigation into Sushant Singh Rajput's death was from the state's opposition BJP, and was backed earlier by Parth Pawar.

''Satyamev Jayate'': Parth Pawar After Court Order In Sushant Rajput Case

Parth Pawar had backed the demand for CBI probe into Sushant Singh Rajput's death.


Veteran leader Sharad Pawar's grand-nephew Parth Pawar has again veered from the party line on the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Asked to comment on the judgment of the Supreme Court, which ordered a CBI probe into the actor's death today, the 30-year-old said "Satyamev Jayate" (Truth shall prevail). Parth Pawar's party, the Nationalist Congress Party, part of Maharashtra's ruling alliance,has stood with Shiv Sena, favouring an investigation by the Mumbai police.

The demand for a CBI investigation into the actor's death -- which took place on June 14 -- was from the state's opposition BJP, and was backed earlier by Parth Pawar.

It had drawn a very public snub from his grand uncle, who is also the leader of the NCP  "We haven't looked into it seriously. It is immature," the 79-year-old had said on Parth Pawar's demands for a CBI investigation.

Sharad Pawar had also said he has "full faith" in the police in Maharashtra. "And if after doing this detailed probe someone wants a probe by the CBI or other agencies then I won't oppose it," he had told reporters.

The NCP had played down Parth Pawar's demand for a CBI probe, with its senior leader Chhaggan Bhujbal saying, "Parth Pawar is new to politics". His father Ajit Pawar was "not unhappy" about the censure, Mr Bhujbal had added. Parth Pawar's cousin Rohit Pawar had brushed it away saying it was a family matter.

The Sena too, had downplayed the matter, saying it was "not even a storm in a tea cup". An editorial in the Shiv Sena mouthpiece 'Saamana' said there was "nothing wrong" in what Shard Pawar did, and accused the media of "blowing the issue out of proportion".

"When your tongue is not in your control, you face a lot of problems. Ajit Pawar has gone through such problems... Sharad Pawar is a senior leader and head of a political party. He can admonish the young. Even late (Shiv Sena founder) Bal Thackeray has done that," the editorial read.

Today, the Supreme Court asked the CBI to take over the investigation into the case and asked the Mumbai police to have over all the evidence it collected.

The talented upcoming actor was found dead in his Mumbai apartment. The Mumbai Police said it was a case of suicide and logged it as accidental death. But after a huge outcry on social media about the nepotism and cliques and Bollywood and allegations that it drove the 34-year-old actor to his death, the Mumbai police had started investigating the matter.

The Maharashtra government had refused to entertain demands of the Bihar government and the BJP to hand over the investigation to the CBI.