"Who Are You Supporting?" Nitish Kumar's Outburst At NDTV Reporter

Nitish Kumar, who recently became Chief Minister for the fourth time, is under intense pressure over the murder not just from the opposition but also from ally BJP

Nitish Kumar said the police are investigating the murder of an IndiGo executive


  • Nitish Kumar accused media of asking "wrong, inappropriate" questions
  • He lashed out at NDTV when asked about IndiGo manager's murder
  • Mr Kumar's government has faced much flak over crime in Bihar

An enraged Nitish Kumar today accused the media of asking what he called "wrong and inappropriate" questions on the murder of an IndiGo airline executive close to his home in Patna. "If you have any clues, please share with the police," the Bihar Chief Minister sneered, challenging reporters to help solve the crime.

Mr Kumar erupted on the sidelines of an event where reporters confronted him with questions about IndiGo manager Rupesh Kumar Singh's killing on Tuesday.

"You are so mahaan (great). Who are you supporting? Main aapko direct pooch raha hoon (I am asking you directly)," the Chief Minister, sputtering with rage, questioned the NDTV reporter who questioned him about instances of lawlessness on his watch.

"Those who ruled for 15 years. There was so much crime under the husband-wife duo. Why don't you highlight that?" He did not name Lalu Yadav and his wife Rabri Devi, both Chief Ministers in the 1990s.

He continued: "We always take action whenever something happens. We respect you but you really need to train those who give you special advice."

On Tuesday evening, Rupesh Singh was in his SUV outside the gates of his home, waiting to be let in, when two men riding a bike shot him dead. The killing took place barely 2 km from the Chief Minister's home.

"Your questions are completely wrong, entirely inappropriate. Don't call it apraadh (crime). A murder has taken place. There is always a motive. We need to see the reason for the murder. The police are looking into it," the Chief Minister said.

"If you have any clues please share... Don't demoralise the police like this. What happened before 2005? There was so much crime, so much violence..."

As a parting shot, he said he would speak to the police chief and make sure journalists' inputs on who committed the murder were taken directly. So upset was he that when reporters flagged that the police chief hardly ever took their calls, he dialled the top cop on the spot and instructed him to remedy it.

The video of the exchange was tweeted by the opposition RJD of Lalu Yadav.

Reacting to Mr Kumar's outburst, opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav, the son of Lalu Yadav, tweeted: "Nitish Kumar has surrendered before criminals. He said nobody can stop crimes. There were crimes during Harappa civilization too. Just compare. Instead he is asking reporters whether they know who the criminals are."

Mr Kumar, who recently became Chief Minister for the fourth time, is under intense pressure over the murder not just from the opposition but also from ally BJP, which scored far more seats than his party in the state election. His government has faced much criticism over crime in Bihar.

On Wednesday, a BJP Rajya Sabha member Gopal Narayan Singh, went as far as to say Mr Kumar had no control over law and order in the state. "The government of Bihar is running with (BJP) our support, but we are aware of the situation. It is also necessary to speak on this for the improvement of Bihar. I think law and order is poor in the state and corruption cases are on surge. There is no control over the law order in the state. There is no visible grip of our government on the current police system presently," Mr Singh said of his own government.