Nirav Modi Modi Denied Bail Again By UK Court: LIVE Updates

Nirav Modi was denied bail by District Judge Marie Mallon at his first hearing, soon after his arrest by Scotland Yard officers.

Nirav Modi Modi Denied Bail Again By UK Court: LIVE Updates

Nirav Modi is accused in the Rs 13,000-crore PNB fraud case.

New Delhi/London: 

Fugitive jeweler Nirav Modi has been denied bail again by a court in UK. The fugitive jeweler appeared before the Westminster Magistrates Court judge in UK today. The judge reviewed additional evidence submitted by the prosecution against him, just ahead of his second bail application hearing. Opposing his bail, prosecutors told the court that he threatened an eyewitness and tried to bribe another to evade arrest. The Crown Prosecution Service or CPS, which is appearing on behalf of Indian authorities, argued in court that there is a great risk of Nirav Modi fleeing if he is granted bail. "There is a real risk that he could flee, interfere with witnesses, interfere with evidence," the prosecution said.

Nirav Modi was denied bail by District Judge Marie Mallon at his first hearing, soon after his arrest by Scotland Yard officers from a central London bank branch as he tried to open a new bank account. He has been in custody at the HMP Wandsworth prison in south-west London since last Wednesday.

Here are the LIVE updates on Nirav Modi's court hearing: 

Mar 29, 2019
21:04 (IST)
Next date of hearing fixed as April 26

Nirav Modi will now return to HMP Wandsworth prison in south-west London, where he has been lodged since last Wednesday. The next date of hearing has been fixed as April 26, when Nirav Modi will be produced in court via video conference.
Mar 29, 2019
20:40 (IST)
Nirav Modi was trying to move away from India at an important time

Nirav Modi's attempt to try and seek citizenship of Vanuatu shows he was trying o move away from India at an important time, says UK judge. (news agency PTI)
Mar 29, 2019
20:21 (IST)
Mar 29, 2019
20:11 (IST)
Lawyer dismisses CBI claim

If the allegations of death threats are true, can Indian authorities give us the tape where he threatened to kill anyone? 
Mar 29, 2019
20:04 (IST)
Nirav Modi's bail hearing resumes after lunch break

Mar 29, 2019
19:58 (IST)
Nirav Modi's lawyers tried to establish his "visible" and "lawful" residence

Nirav Modi's defence team tried to establish his very "visible" and "lawful" residence at his luxury Centre Point apartment in London's West End, paying his local council tax and also using a National Insurance number, allocated to legal UK residents for purposes of work.
Mar 29, 2019
19:27 (IST)
Nirav Modi "deliberately evaded justice": Crown Prosecution Service

The CPS challenged all claims to counter Nirav Modi's first bail plea and pointed out he had "deliberately evaded justice" and not returned to India despite a series of criminal summons issued by Indian courts
Mar 29, 2019
19:16 (IST)
Nirav Modi Threatened Witness, Offered Bribe To Another: UK Prosecutor

Mar 29, 2019
19:12 (IST)
What Nirav Modi's lawyer told court

The reality is that even given the magnitude of numbers, someone arrested with this allegation, they would be granted bail. The type of person caught up on that sort of allegation, does not have a long history on criminical conduct. Preserves his good conduct and character. The reality is that the size and nature of these allegations is not a safe way to judge whether he could flee.
Mar 29, 2019
19:07 (IST)
Case being heard by judge who ordered Vijay Mallya's extradition

The case is being heard by Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot, who is the same judge who had ordered the extradition of former Kingfisher Airlines boss Vijay Mallya last December.

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