This Article is From May 26, 2017

Had Support of 125 Crore Indians, Says PM Modi On Notes Ban: Highlights

The Modi government is celebrating its three years of governance, after it defeated the ruling-party Congress in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, in the country today. PM Modi, as part of elaborate celebrations that will go on for the next 20 days, visited Assam today. The BJP-led government also completes one year in the northeastern state.

The Modi government is celebrating its three years of governance today.

Guwahati: The Narendra Modi government completed 3 years today. Marking the third anniversary, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a number of infrastructure projects in Assam today. The PM launched a number of infrastructure projects, including the India's longest bridge - The Bhupen Hazarika bridge (also known as Dhola-Sadiya bridge), and AIIMS centre in Guwahati. The AIIMS centre will be the first to come up in Northeast. Earlier the prime minister laid the foundation stone for Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in Assam's Lakhimpur soon after inaugurating Dhola-Sadiya bridget. PM Modi, while making a public speech, took at dig at Congress saying that "tokenism does not help develop the country". After opening India's longest bridge, the PM said the bridge will bring a new economic revolution in the country. The Modi government is celebrating its three years of governance, after it defeated the ruling-party Congress in 2014 Lok Sabha elections, in the country today. PM Modi, as part of elaborate celebrations that will go on for the next 20 days, visited Assam today. The BJP-led government also completes one year in the northeastern state.

Here are the highlights of PM Narendra Modi addressing people of Assam:

PM Modi at foundation laying for AIIMS at Sarusajai in Guwahati
  • Every corner of the country is as important as Delhi for us
  • Three years ago, at this time on this date, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, the President welcomed me and my government
  • Bhupen Hazarika sang songs for Brahmaputra, he worshipped the river, so this bridge was named after him
  • We have a dream for the country, these projects were part of that dream
  • Inauguration of AIIMS and agriculture research institute in one day in one state is this government's achievement
  • For the first time, we have taken a step to uplift the OBCs. The OBC Commission has been passed
  • I thank all for participating in Swachh mission. I thank media for propagating the message.
  • My upbringing has been such that a common man, a man from the tail end of the queue, wanted to do big things.
  • People wondered why I was talking about toilets at Red Fort. Earlier, they heard about big issues. It was ajooba (weird)for them.
  • This participation of the countrymen is unprecedented since Independence.
  • Notes ban was a difficult decision, naysayers still say they couldn't have imaged such a huge announcement.
  • They did everything they could to create unrest. Any government could have been destroyed because of such a decision
  • People understood my intent
  • There was a time, when there was gloom everywhere. People had lost hope.
  • But now Aisa his chelega, bas guzara hi karna hai sentiment is gone
  • The era of pessimism is gone. People are hopeful of change
  • People earlier wondered if there was a government at all.
  • Times have changed in this country
  • Now there is a new day every day. Every day there is a new scheme, new announcement in the same number of days, same amount of time, same number of files and workers.
  • Now government employees coming on time makes headlines.
  • The British never trusted us. They enslaved us and doubted us.
  • After independence, the government followed the same model. But we involved the people in decision making.
  • I will never back down from promises I made.
  • We will bring back black money and I am ready to pay any price to fight this war against corruption. I am with the people in this war.
  • The citizens feel emboldened if the government is pro-poor, pro-active
  • 90 lakh people approached to pay tax after demonetisation. It's an honest opportunity to contribute

PM Modi lays foundation stone of Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)
  • I have come here for a very important work.
  • I have come to lay a foundation stone for a project that will change the fate of rural life in India.
  • India is a country that benefits from all seasons.
  • Time and technology don't wait for anyone, it changes very fast.
  • Indian farmers should reap the benefits of our progress.
  • You showed faith in us, let us form the government in Assam.
  • We will fulfil the dream of doubling the income of farmers.
  • Our government has taken many important steps in the last three years.
  • Three years is not a lot of time for a big country like India.
  • We launched the soil health card for farmers.
  • The science of helping farmers was there always there.
  • Scientists did not take birth after we came to power.
  • But tokenism does not help the country develop.
  • Before our government, there were 15 soil health card laboratories. Today there are over 9,000.
  • We have also fostered startups that will help the farm sector.
  • If given water, our farmers can grow gold. So we have launched whole host of irrigation programmes.
  • Farmers love our schemes. They are now getting more money than ever from crop insurance.
  • Northeast has a great scope for organic farming. And there is a big market for organic farming worldwide.
  • Regular produce sells for Re 1 but organic produce sells for 1 dollar. Northeast can become a hub of organic farming.
  • We speak of the green revolution and aspire for another one.
  • But we should not just aim for a second green revolution. We should aim for an 'evergreen revolution'.
  • We have five point principle to improve connectivity to the north east - Highway, Railway, Waterway, Airway, I-Way or information way.
  • NE for northeast will come - New economy, new energy, new empowerment, new engine. This new engine will take India forward.
PM Modi inaugurated India's longest bridge, the Dhola-Sadiya bridge
  • The bridge that you've been waiting for main years is here now.
  • I urge you to take out your mobile phones, turn on the flashlight and the send the signal of how big a festival this is.
  • Brothers and sisters, it is my good fortune to come to this land - where Sri Krishna had once set foot.
  • The bridge that you've been waiting for the last five decades, today you have got it.
  • If Atal ji's government were re-elected in 2004, you would have got this bridge 10 years ago.
  • Our lawmaker at that time had requested for the bridge and Atal ji's government ordered a feasibility study.
  • If the work had gone on track then you would have got this bridge 10 years ago.
  • But then the government changed and there were obstacles, so your dream was delayed.
  • Then in the last three years all efforts were made to realise Atal ji's dream.
  • Today when the BJP government in Assam is completing a year, Assam's problems are being solved one by one.
  • This bridge is not just a reason of Assam's pride but that of the entire country.
  • One thing is certain, if you want to make development permanent then infrastructure is the first thing needed.
  • Physical infrastructure, social infrastructure should go hand in hand.
  • My government's intent is to make development permanent. We want to fulfil all dreams of the country.
  • This bridge will bring Assam and Arunachal closer. 165 km distance shortened, hours of transit time saved - this opens new doors of economic prosperity.
  • The ginger farmers of Sadiya will get a new market.
  • This bridge will bring about a new economic revolution. The entire India is looking at this bridge today. They are proud that such a large project has been undertaken in India.
  • If there is one region that has the most scope of contributing to India's dream of unprecedented development, it is the east and the northeast.
  • So we have always endeavoured to take development to new heights.
  • Let alone the time, this bridge will save Rs 10 lakh of fuel every day for the common man.
  • We are working to give a thrust to waterways.
  • This region can play a huge role in connecting India to South East Asia.
  • We are working to make this region a hub of economic activity.
  • Railways in the northeast hasn't received as much attention as it should have.
  • Due to connectivity problems, many Indians are unaware of how beautiful this place is. If we can make this a tourist hub, the economy of this region will benefit a lot.
  • This bridge will now be known by the name of Bhupen Hazarika, the son of Brahmaputra who enchanted the world with his voice.
  • I congratulate Sarbananda Sonowal and his team. In one year he has taken on so many difficult problems. It is really remarkable.