This Article is From Jan 01, 2010

Mumbai's dabbawallas: From Prince Charles to the President

Mumbai: This Republic Day, Maharashtra will have a new mascot at the Republic Day parade, Mumbai's famous dabbawallas.

Mumbai's dabbawallas have been given a six sigma certification, lectured at the IIMs, even attended Prince Charles' wedding.

Now they will march along with the nation's finest at the Republic Day parade.

"We have been invited to participate. We are very honoured that the business run by illiterate people like us is getting such recognition. We are very proud that we will be representing our state," said Raghunath Medge, president, Mumbai Dabbawallah Association.

Taking a day off from their unerring routine, 15 of the 5000 strong dabbawalas will march at the Republic day parade, clad in their traditional white attire.

"Earlier they had planned on showcasing the Paithani saree in a tableau. But then the Maharashtra government called us," said Raghunath Medge, president, Mumbai Dabbawallah Association.

Clearly another feather in their Gandhi topis.

Also a lesson, many would say for others, on what's the right way to bring pride to the Marathi cause.