More married people commit suicide than unmarried: Report

More married people commit suicide than unmarried: Report
New Delhi: More married people than the unmarried ones committed suicide in 2009, according to National Crime Records Bureau's latest report.
Further, the statistic also shows that men took the extreme step more than women in this period. Of the total of 1,27,151 people who committed suicide in the country in 2009, 70.4 per cent were married, while 21. 9 per cent were unmarried.
Of the rest, 4.3 per cent were widows and widowers, while 3.4 per cent were divorced, or living separately from spouse.
58,192 married men and 31,300 married women, 17,738 bachelors and 10,063 spinsters killed self in 2009, the report states.
More men than women committed suicide and the gender ratio in suicides stood at 64:36.
Of the 1,27,151 persons, 23.7 per cent and 21 per cent committed suicide due to family problems and health reasons respectively.
Psychiatrist Dipak Mansharamani said that due to the social changes, tolerance levels were diminishing. He said it was noticed by researchers that people took the extreme step "very quickly" nowadays.
Dr Mansharamani also said that the quality of emotional relationship between couples too was deteriorating.