This Article is From Apr 26, 2017

MCD Election Results: Delhi Has 'Rejected CM, Elected PM': Former AAP Man Yogendra Yadav On Arvind Kejriwal

MCD Election Results 2017: Yogendra Yadav said "the BJP is headed for a big victory" in local elections.


  • "BJP headed for a big victory", predicted Yogendra Yadav
  • Result reflects people's anger with Delhi government: Yogendra Yadav
  • His party Swaraj India also contested MCD polls
New Delhi: Delhi has made its preference for the BJP abundantly clear, Yogendra Yadav, the founder of Swaraj India, said today, predicting, before 9 am, "the BJP is headed for a big victory" in local elections. The result, said Mr Yadav, reflects the people's anger with the government that is headed by Arvind Kejriwal - the men were part of the same Aam Aadmi Party till two years ago when Mr Yadav and another senior AAP leader Prashant Bhushan were evicted after taking on Mr Kejriwal.  

The ballooning of the BJP in this election for three local corporations, Mr Yadav said, owes everything to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  "People have ended up rejecting the CM (Chief Minister) and electing the PM," he commented on NDTV.

Mr Yadav said his own Swaraj India does not expect much today. "This is a starting point, this is not our election to gain big seats, it was a foundational election," he claimed.

Even before the counting of results began, Mr Kejriwal repeated electronic voting machines or EVMs for being rigged, a claim he first made when his party failed to win Punjab in February's election, defying a massive campaign fronted by him and the forecast of exit polls.