Mann Ki Baat - Joint Radio Address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama: Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama had recorded the joint radio address yesterday.

New Delhi: Hours after US President Barack Obama left India after a historic visit, during which he was the chief guest at the Republic Day parade and held summit meetings, a joint radio address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mr Obama is being broadcast.

The joint address had been recorded yesterday. Here are some highlights from the address:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi:
  • For the past few months I have been speaking to you. Today we are joined by US President Barack Obama.
  • In Swahili, Barack means 'one who is blessed'.
    In African cultures, they say 'I am because we are'. It is similar to our saying 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam'.
  • When we speak of Martin Luther King or Obama, we get to hear them speak about (the influence) of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • President Obama's life, the way he has raised his daughters will serve as an inspiration for us - 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' is our social obligation which all of us must fulfill.
  • I want to tell you, you can come any time, India will always welcome you and your children.
  • When I first went to America, we'd taken a photograph with White House in the background. Now that I've become PM that photo has become famous.
  • When I went to White House, Barack gave me a book. It was a compilation of speeches at the World Religions Conference in 1894 where Swami Vivekananda had gone.
  • He told me with pride that I come from that city (Chicago) where Swami Vivekananda had gone.
  • A tea seller or some one born to a single mother lead our nations. An example of extra ordinary opportunities in our nations.
  • Communists used to say earlier, 'workers of the world unite.' I think today it should be- youth unite the world.
  • Benjamin Franklin's life inspires me. His thoughts still impact American life.
  • If you read about him, it will help and inspire you to transform your life.

US President begins his joint radio address with 'Namaste':

  • India and US are natural partners because we have so much in common.
  • Linked by millions of proud Indian Americans.
  • Appreciate the PM's strong personal commitment to strengthening the relationship between these two countries.
  • I am told that it is first ever radio address by Indian PM and American President.
  • They (my daughters) very much wanted to come. They are fascinated by the history and culture of India.
  • Malia my elder daughter had exams... when I go back I'm going to tell them that India is as magnificent as they imagined.
  • Will definitely do some shopping. I can't go to the stores but my team will. I'll take Michelle's advice...
  • Look forward to partnering with organisations here in India on broader public health issues including obesity.
  • Very proud of the work Michelle has done.
  • When I first visited the White House I too did not think I'd be there. Both of us have been blessed with opportunity.
  • Emphasis on higher education is necessary for all around development of youth which is actually strength of a nation.
  • I think governments and leaders cannot simply try to govern.
  • They have to rather reach out to people in an inclusive way and have a dialogue.
  • Emphasis on higher education is necessary for all around development of youth which is actually strength of a nation.
  • Everyone had bad days at work, you have to keep working through it.
  • The only questions that come to me are the ones no one solved.
  • There are days when it's tough and frustrating. But almost everyday I meet somebody who say I made a difference in their life.
  • If you are helping someone else, the satisfaction you get from that exceeds anything else. That is what inspires me.
  • There are days when it's tough but almost every day I meet someone who says you made a difference in my life.