Man Tied To Tree, Arm Chopped Off In Fight Over Cows In Madhya Pradesh

Two men have been arrested for allegedly tying a 35-year-old man to a tree and hacking off his arm at a village at Raisen in Madhya Pradesh

The police said the family has been charged with attempted murder


  • A 35-year-old man's arms were hacked off in a Madhya Pradesh village
  • The man had an argument with a family over missing cows
  • Two men have been arrested

A 35-year-old man was tied to a tree by a family of five and his arms were hacked off with a sword at a village in Madhya Pradesh after an argument over missing cows. Two men have been arrested.

On Sunday, Prem Narayan Sahu went to Sattu Yadav's farm at their village in Raisen to look for his cows missing since Friday. Sahu was carrying his sword, and allegedly barged into their home.

"When the victim entered the residential premises of Sattu Yadav in order to inquire about his missing cow, a fight followed and the two started abusing each other," said police officer Rajendra Kumar Dhurve.

As the brawl escalated, Yadav and his family allegedly caught hold of Sahu, thrashed him, tied him to a tree on their farm and then chopped off his right arm with a sword. He was badly wounded in his left arm.

The right arm was severed completely. Throughout the attack, Sahu kept screaming but other villagers allegedly didn't do anything to save him.

A video after the attack, apparently taken by villagers, shows Sahu lying down on the ground, bleeding, his legs still tied up. Someone repeatedly asks him to name his attackers. He names a few, and asks for water.

Neighbours called the police and Sahu was taken to a hospital in a critical state. The police reported finding a "lot of blood" at the spot where they found Sahu. They picked up his severed arm and took it to hospital too.

He has now been shifted to a hospital in Bhopal, around 80 km away.

"We have arrested two of the accused, three others of the family are missing," said Mr Dhurve.

A woman is among the missing members. Just after the incident, a woman was filmed on mobile camera declaring that she hit Sahu because he had entered their home and attacked her and her family.

The family has been charged with attempted murder.

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