"I Brought My Father Home In Pieces": Priyanka Gandhi At Poll Rally

Ms Gandhi said Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister she has seen who lies to the people.

The Congress leader's comments came amid the row over the alleged wealth redistribution promise.

New Delhi:

Hitting back at PM Narendra Modi, who has been attacking the Congress over an alleged "wealth redistribution" promise in its manifesto, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said she has seen several Prime Ministers - including her father who she "brought back in pieces" - but not one who lies to the people. 

In various rallies during the ongoing Lok Sabha election, PM Modi has alleged that the Congress has promised "wealth redistribution" in its manifesto and would not spare even women's 'mangalsutras' - a piece of jewellery worn by Hindu married women. The Congress, including its president Mallikarjun Kharge, has denied this charge and accused the PM of spreading misinformation.

Addressing a rally at Dharampur village in Valsad in PM Modi's home state of Gujarat on Saturday, Ms Gandhi said in Hindi, "I have seen many Prime Ministers, and not just from my family. Yes, Indira Gandhi was one of them, she sacrificed her life for this country. Rajiv Gandhi was a Prime Minister too, I brought him home in pieces, he sacrificed his life for his country." 

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991, when a 22-year-old member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) detonated a belt laden with RDX while bending down to touch his feet. 

Ms Gandhi continued, "Manmohan Singh brought a revolution in this country. If you look beyond the Congress party, there was Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was a civilised man at least. I can say with conviction that this will be the first Prime Minister of the country who lies to you like this. Who does not even think that he is speaking in front of the people and should be telling the truth."

"He is now warning people to stay alert and claiming that the Congress will enter with an X-ray machine, see what you have, snatch your ornaments and 'mangalsutras' and give it to someone else. The Prime Minister is saying this. Is it even possible that this can be true? What is his problem with our nyay (justice) manifesto? Is his confidence shaken," she asked.

'Changing Constitution'

Repeating her party's charge that the BJP had set a target of winning 400 seats for the NDA because it wanted to amend the constitution, she said the ruling party denies things before coming to power and then implements its agenda. 

"You must have seen that several BJP leaders, ministers and candidates are saying in various places, that they will change the Constitution. But PM Modi is saying they have no such intentions. If you look at their history, you will realise that they make junior leaders state what the party is going to do and then deny it initially," she said.

"As soon as they come to power, they implement the thing they denied they would do. This is their tactic, their process. They want to change the Constitution to weaken democracy and the people and deprive them of their rights," the Congress leader claimed.

All 26 seats in Gujarat will vote in the third phase on May 7. Results will be declared on June 4.