This Article is From Apr 13, 2019

PM Modi Address Poll Rallies In Tamil Nadu, Karnataka: Highlights

PM Modi will address two rallies each in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

PM Modi Address Poll Rallies In Tamil Nadu, Karnataka: Highlights

PM Modi is taking BJP's election campaign for the second phase of the 2019 polls to southern India today.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking BJP's election campaign for the second phase of the Lok Sabha 2019 election to southern India today. PM Modi addressed two rallies each in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. PM Modi's first addressed a public meeting in Theni -- where Congress President Rahul Gandhi campaigned yesterday -- followed by a rally in Ramanathapuram. Tamil Nadu votes in a single phase on April 18. PM Modi also addressed rallies in Karnataka to address two election campaigns in Mangalore and Bengaluru South. Voting for 543 Lok Sabha seats will be held in seven phases: April 11, April 18, April 23, April 29, May 6, May 12 and May 19. Counting will be done on May 23.

Here are the highlights from PM Modi's rallies in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka:

Apr 13, 2019 20:34 (IST)
PM Modi Addresses Public Meeting In Bengaluru:
  • Bengaluru has always given me so much love. I bow to the love of all of you. This is your love that inspires impossible
  • During the Congress rule at the Centre, there was a blast in Bengaluru. The entire country, including Bengaluru, lived in a terror attack. But, no major explosions in the city during 'Chowkidar's 5 year rule'
  • India has tested its capability to hit satellites in space. People of Indian have been proud to be the fourth country in the world to do this. Congress also did not like
  • The congressmen say they had not conducted the test because they wanted to keep it secret. And this approach to maintain secret helped India lag behind in technology despite its capabilities
  • Congress processor works only when something has to be done against the security of the country, so that the morale of the brave soldiers of the country may be broken
  • The Congress in its letter of conduct said that if the government was formed in Delhi, it will first remove the special powers AFSPA, namely, the Jawans
  • Congress says, it will also remove Army from Jammu and Kashmir
  • The Congress has never cared for those who have been the protector of the nation
  • Our government has made a war memorial - National Summer Monument- in remembrance of the martyrs
  • Our government implemented the one rank one pension scheme
  • We cared for the safety of our soldiers and ordered more than 2.5 lakh bullet proof jackets
  • The honest taxpayer in the country wants a better education institution, houses at reasonable price, good roads, better transport facilities and modern infrastructure. This is what we did in the last five and a half years

Apr 13, 2019 18:21 (IST)
PM Modi Addresses Public Meeting In Karnataka's Mangalore, urges people to climb down trees and keep themselves safe:

  • This time the election is not just about electing MPs, ministers, prime ministers and government. We have to decide what new India will be, in the 21st century India. What will be the Sanskars and inspirations of the new India, you have to decide 
  • Congress-JDS and many other parties support nepotism, but we support and promote nationalism
  • We work hard to bring forward the person standing in the last line of society. Our philosophy is Antyodaya
  • Our Antyodaya has an increasing reputation of transparency and honesty
  • Nobody imagined that 5 years ago those serving people in a tribal area, who saved different plant species in a village, could also be awarded with Padma honors
  • It gives me immense pleasure to see elders receive Padma honour. This is my India, India that trusts its power, India to trust its resources, India, which trusts its dreams
  • Today the Jallianwala Bagh massacre completes 100 years. I salute every martyr
  • The nations that forget their history, their own people, are erased. When Modi remembers these martyrs, people do not like it. When the Museum of Remembrance in Delhi, will be opened for the martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh people will still not like it
  • The banking sector of the country had been put on a ventilator in 2014
  • The chowkidaar government is depositing 75 thousand crore rupees every year in the bank account of about 12 crore farmer households in the country. But, the Congress-JDS government has also made a game
  • The first and second instalment of PM Kisan Yojana has begun in several states of the country. But lakhs of farmer brothers and sisters from Karnataka are still waiting because the state government has yet, not given a list of the names of the farmers

Apr 13, 2019 13:48 (IST)
PM Modi Addresses Public Meeting In Tamil Nadu's Ramanathapuram:
  • Your "chowkidar" (watchman) has been able to take path-breaking decisions for the welfare of fishermen. After May 23, when the Modi government will once again assume office, there will be a separate Ministry for Jal Shakti
  • In our Sankalp Patra (BJP's manifesto), we have talked about doubling port capacity in the coming five years
  • Congress, DMK and their "mahamilawat" alliance has no vision or mission for the nation. Their only glue is hatred for Modi
  • In the process of hating Modi, the Opposition has begun to hate India
  • When the Congress and their allies were in power, terrorists were attacking the nation regularly. City after city, there were blasts. But, Congress remained helpless and silent
  • Congress, DMK and Muslim League opposed a bill in the Parliament to abolish Triple Talaq. These parties do not believe in dignity of women
  • In Kerala, Congress, Communists and Muslim League are playing a dangerous game regarding the Sabarimala Temple. They are using brute force to strike at the root of faith and expression
  • When you vote on the 23rd, remember that a vote for Congress, DMK and Muslim League is a vote which will give a free hand to terrorists
Apr 13, 2019 11:44 (IST)
PM Modi Addresses Public Meeting In Tamil Nadu's Theni:
  • We observe today the solemn occasion of the completion of 100 years since the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. I pay my respects to the martyrs of this incident
  • I also pay homage to the great MGR and Jayalalithaa ji. India is proud of these two iconic leaders, who lived and worked for the poor
  • Today, India is rapidly making a mark in the world. The Congress, the DMK, and their "mahamilawati" friends cannot accept this. That is why, they are unhappy with me
  • Despite bitterness in the past, Congress and DMK are together again, in an attempt to mislead people. When the 2G scam happened, Kanimozhi was in jail and DMK leaders were criticising the Congress. Now, all the corrupt have ganged up in an attempt to defeat Modi
  • Few days ago, the DMK supremo projected the "naamdaar" (referring to Congress President Rahul Gandhi) as Prime Minister. But no one was ready to accept it. Not even their "mahamilawati" (targeting an alliance of opposition parties) friends. Why? Because they all want to be PM and dream of the post
  • This land of Theni is known for its brave people who serve the nation. It is now up to you to decide. How will you deal with those who question the surgical strike and the air strike done by our brave Armed Forces?
  • I assure my fellow Indians that we leave no stone unturned in protecting India and destroying forces of terror
  • When a brave Indian fighter pilot was captured in Pakistan, it was ensured that he is back home in record time. Even then, Congress was playing politics over national security, insulting our forces
  • Congress and dishonesty are best friends. They are saying, "Ab Hoga Nyay". I want to ask the Congress party, who will do Nyay (justice) to governments of the great MGR ji, which were dismissed by the Congress just because one family didn't like those leaders? Who will do Nyay to victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, among the worst environment disasters in India? That too happened under Congress. Who will do Nyay to the victims of the 1984 Sikh riots?