PM Modi Addressed Students' Convention On Young India: Highlights

The event was being organised by the Deendayal Research Institute (DRI) and supported by the Culture Ministry.

PM Modi Addressed Students' Convention On Young India: Highlights

PM Modi's addressed the students on the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda's historic speech.

New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a students' convention to mark the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda's Chicago address at the World's Parliament of Religion in 1893. "This year, we are marking 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda's Chicago address and Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya centenary celebrations," the prime minister said in a tweet. The theme of the address was "Young India, New India - A Resurgent Nation: from Sankalp to Sidhhi". The address focused on Vivekananda's teaching in the present day context. He also spoke about importance of cleanliness.The day also marks the centenary celebrations of BJP ideologue Deendayal Upadhyaya. The event was organised by the Deendayal Research Institute (DRI) and supported by the Culture Ministry.

Sep 11, 2017
12:24 (IST)

Sep 11, 2017
12:20 (IST)

Sep 11, 2017
12:20 (IST)
  • Take a vow that you'll keep your campus clean.
  • It is our duty to create the India of the dreams of Gandhi, Rajguru

Sep 11, 2017
12:07 (IST)

Sep 11, 2017
12:05 (IST)
We want to create self reliant individuals. We want the young men and women to be job creators instead of job seekers. He propagated throwing waste items. At times failure carves the way to success. The one who stands on the banks, never drowns. But those jump in the river and cross it, are the ones who succeed. India is a huge market waiting for the knowledge and skill of the youngsters.
Sep 11, 2017
12:01 (IST)
  • You'd be surprised to know Vivek was responsible for India's Green revolution
  • It is Acharya Vinoba Bhave's birth anniversary too
  • Vinoba lived the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi
  • If you have assimilated 5 ideas and made them your education and character, that is more than someone who learnt a library by heart.
  • He differentiated knowledge and skill.
  • We have worked on that through skill development.

Sep 11, 2017
12:00 (IST)

Sep 11, 2017
11:55 (IST)
Before Vivekanand, we were known as nation of snake charmers and population of people who kept several fasts. We are the children of ancient heritage. Every person has contributed something. Even a beggar gives blessings to those who give him alms and the ones who don't. If we go to a clean place, don't we say it doesn't seem like India.
Sep 11, 2017
11:53 (IST)
PM Modi in his speech also mentioned about those women in the country who refuses to marry if there aren't any toilets. He said "I am happy that there are daughters in the country who say they wont marry if there is no toilet in their marital home. We give birth to people who lead us to fight our social evils".
Sep 11, 2017
11:51 (IST)
  • Everyone thinks about flowing the ashes of their parents in Ganga, but do we think about cleaning the river?
  • We are not healthy because of the doctors, but because of those who clean the hospitals.
  • I said first toilets, then temples.
Sep 11, 2017
11:49 (IST)
  • I am asking the entire nation, if we have the right to say Vande Mataram?
  • I know that this might hurt many people.
  • Are we the ones who would eat paan and then spit and say Vande Mataram?
  • Those who clean the nation have the right to sing Vande Mataram.
  • Whether we clean or not, we don't have the right to dirty the nation.
Sep 11, 2017
11:45 (IST)
  • He gave birth to Ramakrishna mission years ago.
  • Even after 120 years, the mission has neither been diverted nor diluted.
  • It is my privilege that I also took part in the great lineage.
  • I attended the function in Chicago then and hence can understand what it would have been like.
  • Can anyone imagine celebrating 125 years of a speech?
  • When I arrived here, everyone was chanting Vande Mataram, it gives oneself goosebumps.
Sep 11, 2017
11:43 (IST)
  • He never went in search of a Guru. He was in search of truth. Mahatma Gandhi was also in search of truth.
  • Should we accept the vices in present society? Do we respect women? Do we look at girl respectfully?
  • Those who do I bow down in front of them 100 times.
  • A 30-year-old man celebrated our nation in the entire world.
  • Do we respect our heritage?
  • The nation with 65% youngsters has to look up to Vivekanand. He converted ideas into idealism.
Sep 11, 2017
11:41 (IST)
The 9/11 of 1893 was about love, harmony and brotherhood. 

Sep 11, 2017
11:40 (IST)
  • He made the entire world his own. Encapsulated the entire world in his heart. That 9/11 was significant to me.
  • Just with a few words, a youngster from India won over the world and showed the world the power of oneness
  • Vivekananda needs to understood differently.
  • He has two faces: one wherever he went abroad, he exhibited the grandeur of India other when he spoke in India he told us of our vices.

Sep 11, 2017
11:38 (IST)
A confident man makes an effort to tell the world. Tells the world there is an address beyond Ladies and Gentleman. He said Brothers and sisters and exhibited the strength of India.
Sep 11, 2017
11:34 (IST)
PM started his address by saying: It's September 11 today.  Before 2001, world didn't know the importance of 9/11. It was our fault that we forgot. There was a 9/11 125 years ago when a young man from this nation of about your age gave a speech in dressed in saffron clothes.
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