We Were Promised DDLJ Shah Rukh, Got Sholay's Gabbar Singh: Rahul Gandhi's Dig At PM Modi

We Were Promised DDLJ Shah Rukh, Got Sholay's Gabbar Singh: Rahul Gandhi's Dig At PM Modi

Uttar Pradesh Elections 2017: Priyanka Vadra also attended Rahul Gandhi's rally in Raebareli.

Raebareli:  Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally in his mother Sonia Gandhi's parliamentary constituency of Raebareli, ahead of the third phase of the crucial Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also shared the dais to extend support to her brother and Congress workers. Ms Vadra's entry in the campaign came after Union Minister Smriti Irani said that the Congress' star campaigner was trying to avoid "people's questions" about the "unfulfilled promises" of the Congress.

The Congress has forged an alliance with the ruling Samajwadi Party in the state and much of the credit for this alliance was accorded to Ms Vadra. While Ms Vadra has refused to play a pro-active role in politics, she has campaigned for her mother and brother in their respective parliamentary constituencies - Raebareli and Amethi - in the past.  

Scheduled for 19 February, the third phase will witness polls in 69 constituencies spread across 12 districts. The third phase will also see heavyweights contest the polls in Lucknow, Kanpur, Kannauj, Etawah among others.

Here are the highlights of Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's speech in Raebareli:
  • A few months ago, Congress took out a 30-day long yatra in Uttar Pradesh.
  • We spoke to farmers about their issues.
  • The farmers said three things: Rain, hail and Modiji doesn't give us compensations.
  • They want loans to be waived, electricity rates halved and the right price for our produce.
  • Two crore farmers reached out to us.
  • I went to PM Modi and I said you have forgone debts of rich industrialists. You may do that as you are the Prime Minister. But you should also think of the farmers of Uttar Pradesh.
  • And his response? Not one word about farmers and their debts.
  • While campaigning in Uttar Pradesh, he said, "As soon as you elect the BJP, we will waive off your loans".
  • What kind of deal are you trying to strike here?
  • The Congress had waived off farmers' loans, even when it wasn't in power.
  • Same thing happened to Bihar. He promised a special package of lakhs of crorers to them if they elected the BJP.
  • Did Bihar get the package? No.
  • Wherever he goes, he says these things.
  • Like Shah Rukh Khan in his film, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, he promised Acche Din.
  • But 2.5 years later, we see Gabbar Singh from Sholay.
  • While campaigning, he promised to change Varanasi. He called it his mother.
  • Modiji, relationships are not fulfilled with talks but actions.
  • I have a list of things that he promised Varanasi - clean Ganga, Ghats, Ring Road, free WiFi, Bhojpuri Film City.
  • Modiji, you have not even fulfilled the promises you made to your mother.
  • I urge friends from the media to go there. I know you are under pressure, but please do your job. Show us if the film city has been built.
  • This is Modiji's approach to things. He said: India is dirty. You clean up. I have to go to America and meet Obama. I'll check when I'm back.
  • On November 8, he stood before you and said, "I have a new idea."
  • He told you that the savings that mothers and sisters have saved up, I want to convert it to paper. You should go stand in queues in front of banks.
  • After notes ban, Modiji waived 1,200 crore of Vijay Mallya's loans.
  • You tell me: If this money was given to the youth, the women, the farmers - wouldn't it have helped Uttar Pradesh? But instead, he helped rich industrialists.
  • We wanted to build a food park here, set up 40 factories.
  • Why? Because today, farmers sell their produce to mandis. We wanted to sell them directly to factories so that they get the right price for what they produce.
  • The peppermint from here would have gone all over the world. The US President would eat a mint and it would read, 'Made in Raebareli'.
  • All this, despite the 'Make in India' program.
  • The reality is that the only ones benefitting from PM Modi's schemes are India's richest families.
  • Forget 'Make in India', he has snatched away 'Made in Raebareli' from you. That is because he wanted to take revenge.
  • He has stalled the Railway factory, not letting it go ahead.
  • In just Rs 20,000, you can change lives of families here. But no, you won't give them money.
  • You will money to chors like Vijay Mallya.
  • Mallya sells liquor in India. You will give him thousands of crores. The farmer who gives you his sweat and blood - you don't even give them Rs 50. What kind of a government is this?
  • We will help the small entrepreneurs. We will give them all the loans they want. On he condition that they employ 200-300 people.
  • Tell me, how many people has Mallya given jobs to?
  • If you vote for Congress-Samajwadi Party, it will be a government for farmers and women.

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