Kashmir Cop Tied To Chair, Roughed Up Allegedly For Taking Photo Of Woman

The police officer has been arrested and suspended over the incident that took place in Jammu and Kashmir's Ganderbal district.

A video of the incident, where a Kashmir cop was tied to a chair, has been widely shared online.


  • Policeman accused of clicking pictures of a woman in Ganderbal district
  • Tied to a chair on the street, surrounded by angry crowd chanting slogans
  • Later, handed over to police, arrested, suspended
Srinagar: A policeman in Jammu and Kashmir was tied to a chair and roughed up allegedly because he was caught taking pictures of a woman. He was held hostage by a crowd as they shouted slogans, a video of the incident being widely shared online showed, before being handed to the police and arrested. The incident took place on Saturday in the Ganderbal district, in the eastern region of the state, about 40 km from Srinagar.

The policeman has been suspended and an inquiry has been ordered.

The video of the incident, shot by a bystander, shows a woman shouting at the policeman for taking her photograph. She roughs him up and ties him to a chair on the street with the help of a few men while several others circle around shouting slogans with fists clenched.

Earlier this year in June, a police officer was killed brutally by a mob of more than 200 outside a mosque, drawing widespread condemnation.
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