This Article is From Oct 18, 2010

Karnataka disqualified MLAs: The crisis continues

Bangalore: Whether the BJP government will survive in Karnataka is expected to be determined largely by the Karnataka High Court, which is deciding what happens to the 16 MLAs who were disqualified last week by the Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly.

The MLAs challenged their disqualification in court.

The group consists of five independent MLAs and 11 rebel BJP MLAs, who withdrew their support to the government earlier this month.

The judges have referred the case of the five independent MLAs and the 11 BJP MLAs to other judges.

A single-judge bench will hear the case of the 11 BJP MLAs on Wednesday. The case of the five independent MLAs will be heard on November 2 by a larger bench.

The 16 MLAs were disqualified by the speaker KG Bopaiah under anti-defection laws. Their decision to withdraw support to the BJP government nudged Chief Minister BS Yedduyrappa towards a minority. But after the Speaker disqualified them, the numbers changed and favoured Yeddyurappa who then went on to win two votes of confidence in the Assembly.

The High Court had made it clear, however, that its decision on the 16 rebel MLAs would impact the vote of confidence won by the government.