This Article is From Nov 09, 2023

Kanhaiya Lal's Murder "A Big Stain" On Ashok Gehlot Government: PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi also alleged that Ram Navami processions and Kanwar Yatras were banned in the Congress rule.

Kanhaiya Lal's Murder 'A Big Stain' On Ashok Gehlot Government: PM Modi

PM Modi said crime and corruption in the state increased in the past five years.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday accused the ruling Congress in Rajasthan of sympathising with terrorists, recalling at a poll rally here the murder of tailor Kanhaiya Lal in this city last year.

He also said crime and corruption in the state increased in the past five years.

"The murder of Kanhaiya Lal ji is a big stain on the state government. Such a heinous incident happened in Udaipur because there is a Congress government which sympathizes with terrorists," the prime minister said.

Kanhaiya Lal was murdered on June 28 last year by two cleaver-wielding men who accused him of insulting Islam. The accused had also made a video of the act and posted it online.

"Terrorist organisations like Popular Front of India (PFI) hold rallies without fear in the state as the Congress government is a sympathiser of terrorists," Modi said.

He also alleged that Ram Navami processions and Kanwar Yatras were banned in the Congress rule.

Prime Minister Modi said that the Congress has only one agenda to loot Rajasthan and fill its coffers. "Corruption is like air and water for the Congress without which it cannot function," he said.

The prime minister also said the Congress brought Rajasthan on top in crime against women. "Even Dalits and poor people are not safe in the state," he said.

He said the BJP is committed to eliminating 'gunda raj' from Rajasthan, which will go to polls on November 25.

"The BJP assures every daughter and daughter-in-law of Rajasthan that she will get the opportunity to live with dignity and go out of the house without fear in a safe environment...this is Modi's guarantee," PM Modi said.

"It is shameful that on the issue of law and order, a Congress minister mockingly said that this is a state of men. You have not only insulted the mothers and sisters of Rajasthan, you have also insulted the men of Rajasthan. The men of Rajasthan are known for protecting the honour of women," he said.

Prime Minister Modi was referring to the statement of Rajasthan minister Shanti Dhariwal.

The prime minister said that the Congress has wasted five years of Rajasthan. "For five years, the government of Rajasthan remained busy deciding who would sit on the (CM's) chair," he said, adding that the party has once again come with the 'Jhunjhuna' of fake announcements.

He said that every announcement of the Congress has deception. "The Congress had promised relief to the middle class but it is imposing a 'record' tax on petrol and diesel," he said.

Prime Minister Modi said fuel in Rajasthan is costlier than states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and even Goa.

He said the Congress promised subsidy in electricity bills but ten times more money is being collected in the name of outstanding bills.

"Industries have been destroyed here due to policies of the Congress government," he said.

On the issue of corruption, Modi said the BJP is committed to taking action against every corrupt activity when the party forms the government. "Along with small and big fishes, no crocodiles will be spared under the BJP rule," he said.

He also alleged that officers close to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot bought two dozen flats in one year.

"After BJP government comes here, strict action will be taken against every corrupt person. Those who have looted Rajasthan will have to return," he said.

On the issue of a 'red diary', he said that the diary has become a trouble for the Congress in Rajasthan and all such 'diaries' will be exposed.

It may be noted that sacked Rajasthan minister Rajendra Gudha had alleged in July this year that he possesses a red diary which contains details of illegal financial transactions of Chief Minister Gehlot and others.

On paper leak cases, Prime Minister Modi alleged that the Congress promoted paper leak mafia and the BJP will ensure fair recruitments in the state.

While referring to various development works done by the Central government in the state of Rajasthan, he said a double-engine government is required to ensure overall development of the state.

The prime minister also encouraged people to buy Indian products saying that it will strengthen local artisans.

"I tell everyone to buy local products. On Diwali, buy Indian things," he appealed.

Rajasthan BJP president C P Joshi, party candidates from various assembly constituencies in the region and other leaders were also present in the rally.

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