Judge vs Judges, As Calcutta High Court Justice CS Karnan Faces Warrant For Contempt: 10 Points

Judge vs Judges, As Calcutta High Court Justice CS Karnan Faces Warrant For Contempt: 10 Points

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Calcutta High Court Justice CS Karnan has alleged corruption in the judiciary.

Kolkata:  In a first, the Supreme Court today ordered a warrant against High Court Judge CS Karnan for skipping a contempt case hearing, to be served "personally" by the Bengal police chief. In another unprecedented move, Justice Karnan called a "court" on the lawns of his home in Kolkata and ordered the CBI to investigate the seven Supreme Court judges who issued a contempt notice against him. "The Supreme Court is not my master," said the judge, alleging that he was being targeted because he is a Dalit.
  1. Justice Karnan has filed a defamation case against the seven Supreme Court judges, who have ordered him to appear in court on March 31.
  2. "This is a caste issue. A Dalit judge (is being) prevented from doing work in a public office. That is atrocity," Justice Karnan told reporters after holding his "court" and issuing a "writ order" to the CBI.
  3. "I am going to operate my judicial powers. All seven judges have to resign and should be prosecuted," declared the judge, also urging the President to cancel the Supreme Court's warrant against him.
  4. Chief Justice of India JS Khehar and six more judges had summoned Justice Karnan to court for contempt in February after his controversial allegations about corruption in the judiciary.
  5. Justice Karnan even wrote letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging corruption among former and current judges in the country.
  6. The Supreme Court has also been petitioned by the wife of a Madras High Court judge who accused Justice Karnan of harassing their family and making false allegations.
  7. After he went public with his allegations, the top court stripped him of his judicial and administrative work and also transferred him from the Madras High Court to the Calcutta High Court.
  8. Instead of appearing in court, Justice Karnan wrote to the judges alleged that he was targeted because he is a Dalit. He also "stayed" or put on hold his own transfer order.
  9. Some 20 Madras High Court judges had signed a petition against Justice Karnan, accusing him of high-handed behaviour.
  10. Reacting to Justice Karnan's statements, constitutional expert PP Rao said he "shouldn't have been" made a judge. "Justice Karnan should be impeached. It is not only contempt but a warrant against him," Mr Rao said. Things have gone to such a stage issuing contempt and warrant against him.


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