This Article is From Sep 26, 2022

"Is She With You?": Ex-BJP Leader's Son Asked Murdered Teen's Friend

Uttarakhand Murder Case: In the Uttarakhand teen murder case, audio tapes have surfaced bearing conversations between the victim's friend Pushp and prime accused Pulkit

Audio tapes in the Uttarakhand teen murder case reveal accused Pulkit Arya misleading the victim's friend


Two audio clips have now emerged in the Uttarakhand teen murder case that may help further implicate prime accused Pulkit Arya. These tapes reportedly bear conversations between the murdered woman's close friend Pushp and Pulkit, son of a former BJP minister. From what he says in these tapes, it seems Pulkit was trying to cover up his role in the crime and mislead the investigation.

At one point during the conversations, the accused even asks the victim's friend: "Is she with you?"

In the first audio clip, Pushp can be heard asking Pulkit: "Last night, why did she [the victim] take your phone?" To that, Pulkit replied, saying: "Her phone had run out of battery and there was no need for me to keep my phone for the night. So I gave it to her when she asked for it." Pushp then told Pulkit: "So, she did have a phone last night. Yet, it's surprising that she never contacted me. In fact, I called her thrice, but her phone was switched off."

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the victim's phone had probably fallen into the canal where her body was dumped.

The accused also claimed that the victim was with her until 9pm the previous night and the next morning she went missing.

In reality, the victim had told her friends that she would return to the resort by 8.30pm and contact them. However, when she did not contact her friends even beyond 8.30pm, her friends tried to contact her, but her phone was not reachable. It was then that Pushp started asking for the woman's address by calling up her friends.

On the audio tape, as Pushp can be heard asking probing questions to Pulkit, the latter retorted at one point: "I have a feeling that she is probably with you. Is she with you?" He even tried to corner Pushp saying: "Maybe there's something brewing between you and her, which her family members are not ready to endorse. Perhaps that's why she was upset after speaking to you on the phone and that is why you are now trying to create a drama."

Pulkit also tried to dodge the question when Pushp asked him whether he had checked the CCTV footage at the resort where the victim worked.

It is being suspected that Pulkit had purposely dumped the victim's body in the canal after the murder, with the sinister intention of implicating Pushp. His calculation was that if the body remained untraceable, her parents would most certainly file a police complaint, holding Pushp responsible for any wrongdoing since Pushp and the victim were close friends.

Perhaps that is why, during the phone conversation with Pushp, Pulkit said that since the female receptionist was seen having such long conversations with him, perhaps she was with him. To that, Pushp replied: "That's just not possible because I'm at a place right now that is about 13-14 hours away from her location."

Even while Pulkit was at the police station, a day after the crime, he was reportedly trying to mislead the police and the victim's friends. In the second audio clip, he can be heard saying that he was still trying to locate the missing resort receptionist.

In an attempt to threaten the victim's friends and influence the murder investigation, Pulkit can be heard saying: "Police will soon be checking the call details of all her friends to get to the bottom of the case and that could spell trouble for you all."