This Article is From Apr 14, 2011

Is Madhya Pradesh government profiling Christians?

Bhopal: Is the Shivraj Chauhan-government in Madhya Pradesh profiling the Christian population in the state?

NDTV has accessed a shocking state government circular issued in March this year. Distributed by the police headquarters, all 50 districts in the state have been asked to submit details on each member of the Christian community in that district.

These details include:

  • Financial status
  • Foreign income, if any
  • Political leanings
  • Criminal record, if any
  • Total strength of the community
  • Break up of Protestants and Catholics
  • Number of churches - existing and upcoming
  • Number of Christian schools
  • Number of Christian teachers

The Christian Community in the state is wary of this new development. "There is some hidden agenda behind it otherwise such sort of profiling I don't think a democratic country permits," says Father Muttungal, the spokesperson of the Catholic Church in Madhya Pradesh.

"I went to meet the DG, the delegation of all people, and DGP says he has no information about this and he told the people concerned to immediately stop it," he added.

The state's intelligence agencies are completely denying the circular and the Law & Order department says it has no clue who sent it out.

"Neither the state government wishes this type of profiling, nor the police headquarters. We are looking into who issued it," Ashok Kumar Saini, Inspector General Intelligence in Madhya Pradesh Police, told NDTV.