India's new military plans to tackle China

New Delhi: The Pentagon has recently reported that China has moved lethal medium-range Ballistic Missiles closer to the Indian border.

The potential Chinese military threat has been anticipated by India, which has now deployed a couple of strategic missile units in the East.

These units under the Strategic Forces Command that control India's nuclear arsenal have been moved under the Eastern Command recently.

The Indian Air Force, which first deployed its best fighter jets, the Sukhois, in Tezpur in Assam last year, has increased the number of planes in the area. The Air Force has also stepped up the pace of work on seven advance landing-grounds in Arunachal Pradesh which will soon be capable of handling bigger, fixed-wing transport planes.

The Army presence in Ladakh, in the Western sector, is being increased.  An infantry brigade has been moved back here after a long gap.

India is also concentrating on quickly building 75 tactically and strategically important roads . They will eventually cost over Rs 5,000 crore.
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