This Article is From Dec 31, 2016

10 PM Narendra Modi Quotes: 'Indians Have Redefined Concept Of Sacrifice'

PM Narendra Modi said Indians have redefined the concepts of sacrifice.


  • In televised address, PM Modi thanked country for cooperating in cash ban
  • India has gone through purification drive with demonetisation: PM Modi
  • India has set new example for the world with this exercise, says PM Modi
New Delhi: In a televised address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today thanked the country for its cooperation in the demonetisation drive which he launched suddenly on November 8. He has announced several schemes for farmers and the poor. PM Modi praised the people for bearing with hardships amid a cash crunch that has followed the ban on 500 and 1,000 rupee notes aimed at combating corruption and tax evasion and said he has directed that the banking system return to normal at the earliest, particularly in rural areas. A deadline to exchange old notes at banks ended yesterday, December 30.

Here are the top ten quotes from his speech so far:

  1. India has gone through a massive cleansing process, purification drive with demonetisation. In the new year, we hope to return normalcy to banks

  2. Indians were desperate to break free of corruption, but were given no chance to do this earlier.

  3. There is no precedent globally for what India has done.

  4. Indians have redefined the concept of sacrifice and shown unparalleled example of citizen sacrifice.

  5. The commitment and discipline with which Indians have tackled the cash crunch will be cited for generations.

  6. This is the first instance in India's history when the government and the people have fought shoulder to shoulder. I got thousands of letters - they shared pain, and reaffirmed resolve.

  7. The government's priority is to ensure help and protection for the honest.

  8. In such short time, so much money has never come to banks. I appeal to banks to prioritise the poor, lower middle class and underprivileged.

  9. This could make you laugh or very angry. Only 24 lakh people admit that they earn more than 10 lakhs a year, even though you see so many big cars, big houses in every city. Should the fight against corruption not be strengthened?

  10. When corruption and black money is talked about, political funding becomes a large part of the conversation. The time has come for all political leaders to understand the people's anger. Politicians must shun a holier than thou mentality and work towards reforming the political system.

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