In Uttar Pradesh's Sultanpur, Doctors Leave Severed Foot On Patient

Doctors at a government hospital in Uttar Pradesh leaves man with on a stretcher with his severed leg on him. The man had met with an accident

In Uttar Pradesh's Sultanpur, Doctors Leave Severed Foot On Patient

In a shocking case of medical negligence, severed foot left on patient in a hospital in UP


  • Atul Pandey met with an accident while crossing railway tracks in UP
  • His severed foot was kept between his legs for 2 hours at hospital
  • Doctors removed it only when people started taking pictures of the scene
Lucknow: A severed foot of a man was kept between his legs as he was lying on a stretcher at the district hospital in Uttar Pradesh's Sultanpur. Atul Pandey, 48, met with an accident while crossing the railway tracks at Karaundiya station, when his left foot was severed.

Locals rushed him to the nearby government hospital but reportedly he was left unattended for nearly two hours. The foot was removed by the doctors only when people in the emergency ward corridor started clicking pictures of the gory scene.

The family of Mr Pandey has alleged that doctors referred him to a bigger hospital in Lucknow, when his condition started deteriorating. Doctors, who initially treated Mr Pandey at the emergency, apparently put the leg in a plastic bag and handed it to the family.  

The Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr Yogendra Yati, has denied any medical negligence and claimed, Mr Pandey was given the best treatment. "He was brought in that condition but was given the best treatment," Dr Yati told news agency ANI.

Reports say, later, doctors said re-attaching the leg was not possible because of its prolonged exposure and delay in starting treatment.

The Divisional Commissioner of Faizabad, Manoj Mishra, has asked for a report from the District Magistrate of Sultanpur and other health officials.
severed foot
Severed foot used as a foot rest in a Uttar Pradesh hospital

Not long ago, on March 11, two doctors of a government hospital in Uttar Pradesh, were suspended after a patient's severed leg was used as a pillow to prop up his head. The stomach-churning scene was caught on mobile phone at a large government hospital in Jhansi.

The man, identified as 28-year-old Ghanshyam, was seriously injured in a bus accident. His relatives told NDTV that hospital staff ignored their requests that Ghanshyam be given a pillow.

Cases of medical negligence appear regularly in Uttar Pradesh. In August 2017, over 70 children - mostly newborns - died at biggest government hospital in Gorakhpur, due to shortage of oxygen supply. A probe committee formed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, submitted its report on Thursday. The findings of the report are not yet known but the UP government has said, those found guilty in the probe will face action. 

Earlier, after huge public outcry following the baby deaths, a 3-member committee of the Indian Medical Association had blamed the hospital administration for negligence.
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