This Article is From Oct 22, 2014

How to Help Your Dog be More Comfy This Diwali

How to Help Your Dog be More Comfy This Diwali

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Dr Anil Sood offers this advice on how to keep your dog comfortable on Diwali.

Pets get nervous and stressed out due to the excessive sound of fire crackers and fireworks. Pets not only get terrified, they suffer silently.

Commonly seen signs of stress include shaking, trembling, excessive drooling, barking, howling, trying to hide, refusing to eat their food. Some animals may loose bladder or bowel control or experience diarrhea from prolonged stress.

Stay at home and take measures like closing the doors and drawing the curtains and try to make your dog feel safe and comfortable in a part of the house that it likes.

Leave the radio or TV on and place some of their favorite things, or a piece of clothing that has your scent, near the dog.

Let them hide wherever in the house they are comfortable, do not push them from there.


Please do not soothe or comfort a scared dog, it only increases their fear, instead try to cheer them up by keeping them engaged with toys.

Make sure your pet is well-identified with a tag attached to its collar just in case it leaves the house in its confusion or fear.

Give sedatives if necessary, but special precautions are required in pets with a heart problem. So get in touch with your vet.