Have full belief in the India story: Sunil Mittal

Davos (Switzerland): At Davos, Sunil Mittal tells NDTV that despite the concern over scams at home, investors are not disenchanted with India.

"People are celebrating India. We in India are trying to talk more about our problems, but the world is seeing India as a great place to do business, great place to come and invest. I think that's what we need to celebrate. Let us celebrate our successes, let's showcase those good things," said the Bharti Group Chairman and CEO.

Breaking his silence for the first time after the 2G scam turned into a national controversy with the government's auditor saying losses could add upto 1.76 lakh crores, the telecom czar said, "I think we have a fine Telecom Minister who is looking after the issues now. He's been there for a very short period of time but made a very strong commitment to deliver a new National Telecom Policy (NTP). He has got a 100-day plan. So, I think, let him pull together all the pieces... I am very hopeful that we will have a long-term, sustainable telecom policy."

He also outlined his preferred areas of improvement for India, emphasising that development vs environment needs to be a carefully-balanced equation.

"We need the last burst of reforms, which are now under debate... some FDI issues. We are looking at some pressure which comes from the area of environment that needs to be dealt with. The good news is that the world, as it engages with India, recognises that India has to have a growth rate of 9-10 percent to serve its people to help them come out of the poverty and into the mainstream. India will need to grow and for growth we need to consume resources and I think our government is again engaging with the world when they are giving commitments to carbon emissions, carbon controls. I think very good balance is achieved. I am very hopeful... the government should grow the industry, create employment , ensure there are enough taxes for social programmes. We will all support these programmes as we go forward," Mittal said.