Fashion Influencer Surbhi Jain Dies At 30 After Long Battle With Cancer

Surbhi Jain was undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer.

Fashion Influencer Surbhi Jain Dies At 30 After Long Battle With Cancer

Surbhi Jain died at 30. (File)

New Delhi:

Popular fashion influencer Surbhi Jain died after a long battle with cancer, her family shared on social media. She was 30.

Ms Jain, who has a huge fan following on Instagram, was undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer. In her last post on Instagram, Surbhi Jain had shared a picture of her in the hospital eight weeks ago.

"I know I haven't updated you all about my health which feels wrong seeing the number of msgs I am getting about it everyday. But Things haven't been keeping too well. So there isn't much to share. Past 2 months I have spent mostly in the hospital. Treatment is going on, It's difficult and I just want all this to end," she had written.

The news about her death was shared by her family on her official social media accounts. They said that she died on Thursday and was cremated on April 19 in Ghaziabad.

This was the second time Surbhi Jain had been diagnosed with cancer. At the age of 27, she underwent a major surgery after her first diagnosis.

"The surgeries left me with 149 stitches and a lot of pain. Today, I create content to keep myself busy and face each day with a smile," the influencer had said after her surgery then.

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that originates in the ovaries and is a significant health concern for women. The disease is characterised by a malignant, growing tumour in the ovaries which destroys healthy tissues. It ranks as the third most common cancer in women in India, after breast and cervical cancer, causing more fatalities than any other gynaecological cancer.

It is notorious for its stealthy and rapid progression with symptoms that can be mistaken for less serious conditions, shows a study by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). By the time the cancer is diagnosed, it has often grown beyond the ovaries.