Election Results 2024 Highlights: Celebration At BJP Headquarters As NDA Preps For 3rd Term, INDIA Shines

2024 Election Results Highlights: Poll Pundits had predicted a third term for PM Narendra Modi. The BJP's Uttar Pradesh dominance, however, faced a tough challenge from the INDIA bloc.

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Lok Sabha Election Results 2024: BJP has set a target of 370 seats for itself and 400 seats for NDA.

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Election Results 2024: The BJP-led NDA won 292 seats and prevailed over the Opposition alliance - INDIA, which bagged 232 seats. The BJP's Uttar Pradesh dominance, however, faced a tough challenge from the INDIA bloc. The contest between the BJP and INDIA bloc in the Lok Sabha polls is a reflection of a broader ideological battle.

Poll Pundits had predicted a third term for PM Narendra Modi. But the INDIA bloc has put up a strong fight, defying predictions.

The BJP's campaign was led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The party's biggest star campaigner, PM Modi, participated in over 200 public meetings, including rallies and roadshows. The INDIA bloc's campaign featured joint rallies by Opposition leaders.

The counting of votes started at 8 am amid tight security. The counting of EVM votes started 30 minutes after the postal ballot count. This year's Lok Sabha election was the second-longest since India's first election in 1951-52. Any party or coalition needs a majority of 272 seats to form the government.

Here Are The Highlights Of Lok Sabha Elections Results 2024:

Jun 04, 2024 23:42 (IST)
Election Results 2024: Maneka Gandhi Loses Sultanpur Seat To Samajwadi Party's Rambhual Nishad
BJP candidate Maneka Gandhi lost the Sultanpur seat to the Samajwadi Party's Rambhual Nishad by a margin of 43,174 votes, according to Election Commission figures, reported news agency PTI.

While Rambhual Nishad secured 4,44,330 votes, Maneka Gandhi got 4,01,156 votes, according to the EC website.

The third placed Udayraj Verma of the BSP secured 1,63,025 votes.
Jun 04, 2024 22:44 (IST)
Election Results 2024: Sandeshkhali Victim, BJP's Rekha Patra, Loses Basirhat By 3.3 Lakh Votes
In a clear sign of West Bengal rejecting the BJP's attempts to make the alleged sexual assault of women in Sandeshkhali a poll issue, the party's candidate from Basirhat has lost the Lok Sabha polls to the Trinamool Congress's pick by a big margin.

Jun 04, 2024 22:36 (IST)
Election Results 2024: President Murmu To Dissolve 17th Lok Sabha Tomorrow, Cabinet Meeting Scheduled
The Cabinet will meet tomorrow morning and the single agenda item is the dissolution of the 17th Lok Sabha. A note has been moved by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and with this, the stage is set for the formation of a new government.

President Droupadi Murmu will dissolve the 17th Lok Sabha once the cabinet recommendation is received. The President will then start the process of constituting the 18th Lok Sabha once the Election Commission submits the list of MPs to her.

The President will then call the single-largest party to form the government at the Centre. 

In this case, the NDA will form a government and by convention prove its majority on the floor of the Lok Sabha within a month or less.

Meanwhile, the INDIA bloc is trying to reach out to like-minded parties and form a coalition government. It is also trying to woo NDA parties like Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu.
Jun 04, 2024 22:14 (IST)
Election 2024 Results: After 5 Terms As MP, Adhir Chowdhury Bowled Out By Yusuf Pathan
Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury won and took the crease in Baharampur in 1999, remaining not out in four successive Lok Sabha elections, until a former all-rounder making his electoral debut bowled him out this year.

Jun 04, 2024 22:08 (IST)
Election Results 2024: Trinamool Congress To Attend INDIA Bloc Meeting In Delhi Tomorrow
Abhishek Banerjee, National General Secretary of Trinamool Congress, will head to Delhi tomorrow to represent the party in the INDIA bloc meeting.
Jun 04, 2024 22:06 (IST)
Election Results 2024: "To Those Who Dared To Doubt Bengal's Strength..." Abhishek Banerjee On Poll Result
Jun 04, 2024 21:40 (IST)
Election Results 2024: Hate Politics, False Promises Behind BJP's 2024 Performance: A Owaisi
AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said the BJP's below-expectation performance in the Lok Sabha polls was the outcome of its hate politics in the last 10 years and its "false" promises to the people, reported news agency PTI.

Ms Owaisi, who won the Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency for a fifth consecutive term, said he will extend support, if necessary, to stop PM Modi from becoming the Prime Minister for a third term.

"We have publicly taken a stand that we will stop BJP," he said and claimed that the people were fed up with the BJP's politics of hatred, the youth were disappointed with unemployment in the country, and that the farmers were also upset. 

"The verdict has come, and if Modi ji forms the government now, then he has to come to Parliament with the support of allies. It will be a good scene to watch," he said.
Jun 04, 2024 21:24 (IST)
Election Results 2024: Watch: Congress's Sanjana Jatav Dances After Lok Sabha Win
Congress candidate Sanjana Jatav dances after winning from Rajasthan's Bharatpur. She defeated BJP's Ramswaroop Koli by over 51,000 votes.
Jun 04, 2024 21:12 (IST)
Election Results 2024: "Don't Have Time To Stop," Says PM Modi After Historic Mandate
The Constitution is our guiding light, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. "The NDA government will work together with all state governments. We don't have time to stop. After six decades, voters have scripted history. The NDA got a chance to serve the country for the third time," he said.

Jun 04, 2024 21:08 (IST)
Election Results 2024: "India Will Be Strong Pillar In A Strong World," Says PM
PM Modi asserted that he and his government will work for a "green" future. "The future will be green. Our government's policies are an amalgamation of progress, nature, and culture. We will increase investments in green industrialisation. We will make India the third-largest economy. Today's India gives global solutions. Whatever the issue is before the world, India will work for them. India will provide stability to the global supply chain. Today India is embracing everyone as a friend. A strong India will become a strong pillar of a strong world," he said.
Jun 04, 2024 21:05 (IST)
Election Results 2024: PM Lists His Government's Achievements In Last Decade
In his victory speech, PM Modi listed his government's achievements in the last 10 years. "In the last 10 years, the country made a lot of important decisions. We ran the world's biggest welfare policies. Twelve crore people got tap water connections for the first time 70 years after Independence. Four crore people got pucca houses, 80 crore beneficiaries got free ration, crores got free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh, Article 370 was removed, and GST, IPC, and banking reforms were brought in," he said.
Jun 04, 2024 21:02 (IST)
Election Results 2024: "My First Election After Her Death," PM Remembers Mother In Victory Speech
Prime Minister Narendra Modi remembered his mother. "The blessing that NDA got for the third time, I bow before the public. This was my first election since my mother's death. But the crores of mothers, sisters, and daughters did not let me miss her. In the country's history, a record number of women voted. I can't express in words how I feel," he said.
Jun 04, 2024 20:59 (IST)
Election Results 2024: PM's Shoutout To Bihar Ally Nitish Kumar As BJP Falls Short Of Majority Mark
The Centre will leave no stone unturned to develop the states that voted along with the Lok Sabha polls. "I assure the people of the four states that went to assembly polls that the Centre will not leave any stone unturned for their development. Under Nitish babu, the NDA fared well in Bihar. Ten years ago, there was a mandate for a change. That was the time when the country was in depression and was called the "Fragile Five". Newspaper headlines were about corruption. The youth were concerned about their future. At that time, the country gave us the responsibility to bring back hope. The second term was about development and guarantees," he said.
Jun 04, 2024 20:55 (IST)
Election Results 2024: PM Lauds BJP's Showing In Kerala, Odisha
PM lauded the BJP's showing in Odisha and Kerala. "This is the first time the BJP will have a Chief Minister in the land of Lord Jagannath. The BJP has won a seat in Kerala too. Our Kerala workers have made a lot of sacrifices but kept serving the public. The moment they waited for generations is here. In Telangana, our numbers have doubled. In Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Himachal, and other states, our party almost made a clean sweep," he said.
Jun 04, 2024 20:51 (IST)
Election Results 2024: "First Time Since 1962 That A Government..." PM On Historic Mandate
PM Modi listed the "many aspects" of this mandate. "This mandate has many aspects. This is the first time since 1962 that a government has returned to power after completing two terms. In states, where Vidhan Sabha elections were held, NDA scored huge victories - in Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and Sikkim. The Congress has been wiped out in these states. I don't have the details, but I think it was hard for them to even save their security deposits," he said.
Jun 04, 2024 20:47 (IST)
Election Results 2024: PM Congratulates Election Commission's Efforts Behind Polls
Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the efforts of the Election Commission in conducting this mammoth electoral exercise. "I congratulate the EC for holding the world's largest election. Nearly 100 crore voters, 11 lakh polling stations, 1.5 crore poll workers, and 55 lakh EVMs were used. Everyone did their job in this intense heat. Every Indian is proud of the country's election process and its credibility. I tell the influencers and opinion makers that in India's democracy, this is the efficiency of the election process," he said.

"The number of voters this time is more than the population of many countries. Jammu and Kashmir saw record voting. This showed the mirror to the forces across the world who have been trying to defame India. I congratulate all candidates. Without everyone's active participation, this success wouldn't have come," he added.
Jun 04, 2024 20:44 (IST)
Election Results 2024: "People Reaffirmed Faith In BJP, NDA," Says PM Modi
The people have affirmed their faith in the BJP and the NDA, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said as NDA won a historic third term. "We are very grateful to the people. The people have reaffirmed their faith in the BJP and the NDA. Today's victory is the victory of the world's biggest democracy, a victory of faith in the country's Constitution, a victory of the 'Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas' mantra, and a victory of 140 crore Indians," he said.
Jun 04, 2024 20:41 (IST)
Election Results 2024: "Opposition Must Introspect..." JP Nadda's Swipe At INDIA Bloc
The people have rejected the Opposition for the third time, JP Nadda asserted. "The Opposition spread lies and fake videos to mislead the public. People have rejected them again for the third time. I advise them to introspect why people are rejecting them repeatedly," he said.
Jun 04, 2024 20:34 (IST)
Election Results 2024: "NDA Now Has Presence In Kerala," Says JP Nadda
BJP chief JP Nadda lauded the party's Kerala win. "We have opened our account in Kerala, where we were nowhere. Now the NDA has a presence in Kerala. Our vote shares have gone up in states. A historic thing happened in 2014 when a poor woman's son became the PM. He understood the pain of poverty and knew what is needed to lead the poor," he said.
Jun 04, 2024 20:30 (IST)
Election Results 2024: "People Punish Those..." JP Nadda Takes Jibe At INDIA Bloc
People of the country punish those who form alliances for personal gains, JP Nadda said. "After the formation of the NDA, this is the first time an alliance is forming the government for the third straight time. Those who work for the country's welfare, face challenges... People punish those who form alliances for personal benefits," he said, in an apparent jibe at the mega Opposition bloc INDIA.

"Some people start celebrating after winning just 30-40 seats and forget that the country is standing with PM Modi. In the northeast, we have won in every state and formed the government for the third time in Arunachal Pradesh under PM Modi's leadership," he added.

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